The Trooper Potts - The new Reading restaurant with a meaningful name

The Trooper Potts, a new Hungry Horse pub on Basingstoke Road in Reading, will open its doors to all for the first time on March 21; which just so happens to be World Down Syndrome day, a day in which we reflect on how awesome Kyd's extra Chromosome is. Perfect timing for our annual celebration meal out.

The new family-friendly pub has been named after local war hero Fred Potts, thanks to local resident, John Grout, who put forward the suggestion as part of the company's naming competition.

The Hungry Horse team received a handwritten letter from John, of London Road, detailing the soldier’s story and this is now on display for guests to view at the pub on Basingstoke Rd. This is a very beautiful and important part of local history and for the company to acknowledge this is a lovely sentiment. My dad researches military medals for a living and my brother is in the RAF, so these stories are very close to my heart.

In 1915, during the Gallipoli campaign in World War One, Potts dragged a severely wounded fellow soldier 600 yards, despite being under fire and injured himself. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his act of bravery. 

It was felt the name would be fitting as it is 100 years since Potts’ courageous act and the Trooper Potts Memorial Trust and family members gave their approval. A number of the Potts family will be there for the opening night. 

The new Hungry Horse will offer great value on its range of soft drinks, wines, lagers and real ales and on its famous food menu with special deals every day of the week for guests. Perfect, brilliant news for me, as it just so happens to be right by my house. *I can taste the gin already*

The pub itself will include leather booth seating areas complete with their own televisions all in bright, contemporary surroundings, while an Ultra-HD projector screen will show live sport. Hurrah for the footy.

The outside space will see a dedicated play area for children who are also catered for inside with distraction zones; meaning they'll genuinely not get us out of there, bring on the family nights out.

The pub, which has ample parking, will be a hub for community activity such as charity nights and regular quizzes. It also promises step-free access for disabled guests.

Marc McGuigan, business unit director for Hungry Horse, said:

“At Hungry Horse we pride ourselves in creating welcoming atmospheres and offering big value and unrivalled choice for all of the family.
“We are really pleased with the name of the pub, it is a truly remarkable story of bravery and we are sure that Reading is very proud of Fred Potts. I would like to thank the Memorial Trust and the family of Fred Potts who have been very supportive.
“We are very excited to get the doors of the Trooper Potts open and we hope to see the pub become an important part of the community.”

Info sent to me via Hungry Horse