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London - Discovering New Places, Pall Mall

Whilst walking from Leicester Square to Buckingham Palace I took the 'just walk in that direction and see where it takes you' approach. By doing so I came to some awesome places between Pall Mall, a regularly discussed area when playing Monopoly but one in which may be missed if you follow the typical tourist route and Queens Walk in Green Park. It is however in the Marco Polo Guide and so I could look up some of the places I was coming across and work out where I was. Turning down a few side streets and admiring the beauty of the architecture, I'm a bit of a building geek, I came across some beautiful little restaurants and shops in which I never knew existed but will be visiting and revisiting soon enough.

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London - Buckingham Palace, Parks and Gardens...

Obviously a trip to London can't be done without a trip to see the Queen. Buckingham Palace is a whirlwind of tourists and monuments to be seen but it's also surrounded by some of the most beautiful parks, which you can walk around or just sit in and take in those beautiful views of the palace whilst daydreaming about what it would be like to be Kate... just me? OK then.

The palace is one of those places where the fun never stops. You may think you have seen it all when you have seen the changing g of the guards (every day at 11am) but you in fact have seen nothing yet.

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London - Finding Your Way with Marco Polo

One of the best things about London is that if you don't have a specific ETA or destination it doesn't really matter which way you turn as you'll always find something to look at, photograph and fall in love with. You will always find a way of getting back to where you started as there is always a tube, bus or taxi somewhere close by. It really is the best place to get lost.

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London - Leicester Square & Trafalgar Square

Just up the road from Soho and walking distance to Oxford Street you have the beautiful Leicester Square (when it's not full of workmen doing it up). Famous for all sorts of fabulousness this famous square is home to some of the countries most famous Cinemas and restaurants in the world. With many a film premiere happening in the square itself it is often donned with red carpets and glittering celebs.

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