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Is a family cruise for me?

Following on from my Rhine River Cruise post, I have been thinking about cruises for all the family, not just myself and my sister. 

Cruises are something I have avoided for family holidays because I have a fear of the sea and open water, so just the thought gives me shivers. However, after discussing cruises with other bloggers and companies this year I have become very curious as to what it would be like. 

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Rhine River Cruises - Satisfying my love of Castles and Cathedrals

This year my sister decided that she would visit at least one cathedral or castle a month. We both share a love of beautiful architecture which stems from my Dad’s love of ‘looking up’ at the beautiful things that lay above our shop filled eye line. She has so far fulfilled her 2015 dreams andvisited many cathedrals around the UK and abroad; and all without me. I have had cathedral envy and so I have been looking at ways in which we can do this together next year but including many more castles; as sisterly bonding time. We both, like many other sisters, have to schedule time together due to the crazy lives we lead, booking ahead is a must.

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