Sun, Sea, Sand & Natural Beauty – How does the Nation prep for a Summer Holiday?

Did you know that according to research released this week, it appears that women of Britain are becoming happier in their own skin, shunning the heavily made up looks we see in celebrity selfies and being papped on red carpets.

In the survey, commissioned by leading beauty retailer QVC, to celebrate June Beauty Month, 68% of women stated they would not want to emulate a celebrity beach look at all. In fact, in the lead up to a summer holiday only 1.2% of women use their favourite celebrity as inspiration showing they are happy with their own look.

When pushed the celebrities whose looks are favoured are the more natural looks of Michelle Keegan and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini as opposed to TOWIE’S Sam Faiers; not that there is anything wrong with the lovely Miss Friars...

However, women do want to feel their best to boost their confidence on the beach, with just over a quarter (28%, which includes me) undergoing a full body make over – including manicures, pedicures, facials and applying fake tan. I don't do fake tan but I do try and get a bit of sun before to prep my skin and I am always in the salon before hand getting threaded and painted in every way possible.

Research demonstrates that we are a time poor nation, so it is important to get the right advice in choosing holiday essentials. This survey by QVC shows that a quarter of the population will surprisingly spend only half a day prepping for their summer holiday, which includes pre-holiday beauty treatments, packing and styling a holiday wardrobe.  

With such little packing time, 1 in 20 Brits claim they would be happy to pay extra for a bigger luggage allowance so they can take all of their necessary beauty items when jetting off to a beach holiday.

When it comes to preparing for a summer holiday men are surprisingly willing to go that extra mile to look like their idols – David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Tom Hardy. Shockingly twice as many men than women admit to having cosmetic surgery before a summer holiday.

Findings have shown that women in the North of England are twice as likely to spend more than £200 on pre-holiday beauty treatments with applying fake tan a number one priority. In contrast those in the South spend only £80 on pre-holiday beauty treatments choosing manicures and pedicures as their main indulgence.

Once on holiday, women in the North spend up to 3 hours preparing for a day at the beach, whereas women in the south spend under half an hour prepping for a day in the sun... this has shocked me.

Research shows that whilst 70% of the population buy sunscreen before their holiday only 34% actually apply it. Astonishingly only 8% of under 35’s even took sunscreen with them, with twice as many women using sunscreen during the summer compared to men. Ironically, when asked what would be their worst beach or pool nightmare, men were more concerned about getting burnt on the first day than women. 

Britain’s top 3 Holiday Nightmares:
• Having excess hair – 23%
• Getting sunburnt on the first day – 18%
• Swimwear turning see through – 15%

With a summer holiday being a highlight in most people’s year, it’s surprising that Brits don’t spend more than half a day preparing and packing. QVC can offer a one-stop destination for all your beauty advice and travel collections so you can tick that off the list and avoid those beach disasters.
— Sue Leeson, QVC Marketing Director

Story shared with me by QVC