Rhine River Cruises - Satisfying my love of Castles and Cathedrals

This year my sister decided that she would visit at least one cathedral or castle a month. We both share a love of beautiful architecture which stems from my Dad’s love of ‘looking up’ at the beautiful things that lay above our shop filled eye line. She has so far fulfilled her 2015 dreams and visited many cathedrals around the UK and abroad; and all without me. I have had cathedral envy and so I have been looking at ways in which we can do this together next year but including many more castles; as sisterly bonding time. We both, like many other sisters, have to schedule time together due to the crazy lives we lead, booking ahead is a must.

On researching places to visit next year, google kept suggesting a river cruise and this way you can visit many places in one holiday; genius. Why had I not thought of this before? This includes places of interest as well as relaxation; Which is heaven as God knows we both need some us time.

So I specifically googled ‘River Cruises that include Castles and Cathedrals’ and up popped the Rhine River.

Formed high in the mountains of Switzerland, the Rhine River meanders through six countries including Germany, Holland and France before meeting the North Sea in Rotterdam. Once a frontier for the Roman Empire, and later as a vital trade route for Europe, the Rhine river is best known for two things; its vineyards and its iconic castles, both of which draw in many visitors throughout the year. Adventures along the Rhine are extremely popular with travellers. There are medieval villages, Bavarian taverns and glorious vistas to experience at every turn. Other attractions along the way include the Worms Cathedral and Gutenberg-Museum.

So where do I find a cruise along the Rhine that is exciting yet relaxing?

The one that kept popping up in my search results, with the best reviews, were the *Rhine River Cruises organised by Saga Holidays. After reading each itinerary for their different cruises on the Rhine River, I decided that this one would be perfect for my dad and step mum as myself and my sister aren’t yet old enough (it’s 50+ only). I may put on a few wrinkles and try it...

Castles and Cathedrals of The Rhine - France and Germany.

Mighty fortresses and impressive cathedrals feature on this 9 night cruise along the Rhine from Cologne in Germany to Strasbourg in France. Travel by coach via Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Cologne where you embark Rex Rheni. This is an all inclusive cruise featuring     

•    26 meals: 9 breakfasts, 8 lunches and 9 dinners

    •    Free bar open 12 hours a day

    •    Wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner

    •    Cocktail party and Saga dinner

    •    Optional travel insurance and additional cancellation rights, or a discount if not required

    •    UK travel service

    •    Return coach travel via Eurotunnel

    •    Cruise director

    •    Saga cruise escort on board

    •    Entertainment and activities on the ship

Sounds perfect to me, I am going to suggest it to my dad and get him to book up quickly I think. (for prices press HERE)

I’m excited just reading about the different possibilities that myself and my sister can experience in 2016 and river cruises are now top of our list; something that had never even crossed my mind before. Sometimes Google really does come up trumps, hurrah for google.