A Family Holiday & Theme Park Adventure in Dubai...

It's not a secret that we as a family have a bit of a fascination with theme parks or that I am obsessed with shopping and the beach. Sometimes I have to sacrifice the shopping or beach for their adventures but overall we can even it out if we just research before what we are doing.

Tots100 and the Dubai Tourism Board have teamed together to do an amazing competition to win a family holiday to Dubai this summer. We have to write down what we would do in Dubai if we won... easy I thought, however I was stupid enough to ask Kyd for help. 

"Do you know where Dubai is Kyd? *gets out map* Aunty Hannah lives in Dubai, if we were to go and visit her what would you want to do?" - Me

"I don't know I'll Google it..." - Kyd (welcome to 2016)

Well, within the hour I was bombarded with crazy theme parks and adventures, including one which isn't even open yet. I explained this and he said "well we can just wait until it is open then..." *smart ass*

So here are Kyd's picks of things to do on a family adventure in Dubai and one of my own so we can get the balance right...

IMG Worlds of Adventure

I would love us to be the first in to this amazing new indoor theme park. We are theme park fanatics and it would make Kyd's year to know he was ticking off a brand new park in a brand new country!

The world’s largest indoor theme park is set to open its doors to visitors on 15 August 2016. Get ready for four epic adventure zones featuring adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, thrill rides, and spine-tingling attractions based on popular Cartoon Network characters, MARVEL super heroes and, of course, dinosaurs. There will also be retail concepts, dining and a cinema to keep mum and dad occupied. Book your tickets now!

City of Arabia, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd 
600 500 962

Ripe Night Market Al Barsha Pond Park

As there are a lot of things you miss when the sun goes down when you have children, I have asked my cousin, who lives in Dubai, what her favourite place after dark would be for families. She said that this Night market is so beautiful that I would get my fill of shopping whilst the boys checked out the food. It's free to go to and I couldn't find much on it online so this may be an insider tip :)


KidZania - Dubai Mall

On the 2nd floor of the Dubai Mall there is a place in which you can leave your kids to have the experience of a lifetime whilst you shop... Someone read my mind!

For guilt-free shopping without your kids, drop them off in this edutaining miniature city – complete with a school, a fire station, a hospital and a bank – where they get to dress up and slip into adult roles to playfully explore what it’s like to be a firefighter, doctor, mechanic, pilot or other professional. 
They even earn a salary with which they can buy goods and services, thus learning the value of money. Kids must be at least 120cm tall to be dropped off. There's also a special toddler zone and a baby care centre.


In the crazy heat of Dubai, any family would welcome the cool and fun of a water park. I have it on good authority (someone who lives there) this is the best Water Park in the land and I intend to visit it very soon!

Adrenalin rushes are guaranteed at this water park at Atlantis The Palm resort. A 1.6km-long 'river' with rapids, wave surges and waterfalls meanders through vast grounds that are anchored by two towers. A highlight is the ziggurat-shaped Tower of Neptune, with three slides, including the aptly named Leap of Faith, a near-vertical plunge into a shark-infested lagoon.
Those under 120cm can keep cool with tamer rides, a wave pool and an enormous water playground. Tickets also include same-day access to a private beach.

Dubai Mall - Aquarium and Underwater Zoo...

Inside the Dubai Mall there is a beautiful aquarium just waiting for us to visit. We have visited many aquariums across the world and this one looks like good competition for the ones we love already. We'd love to visit it and compare.

Dubai Mall’s most mesmerising sight is this gargantuan aquarium where thousands of beasties flit and dart amid artificial coral. Sharks and rays are top attractions, but other popular denizens include sumo-sized groupers and massive schools of pelagic fish. You can view quite a lot for free from outside or pay for access to the walk-through tunnel. Tickets also include access to the Underwater Zoo upstairs, whose undisputed star is a 5.1m-long Australian crocodile named King Croc.
Various add-on aquatic experiences, including a shark dive and cage snorkelling, deliver close-ups of many of these animals.

This is an entry in to the Tots100/Dubai Dreams blogger challenge