Is a family cruise for me?

Following on from my Rhine River Cruise post, I have been thinking about cruises for all the family, not just myself and my sister. 

Cruises are something I have avoided for family holidays because I have a fear of the sea and open water, so just the thought gives me shivers. However, after discussing cruises with other bloggers and companies this year I have become very curious as to what it would be like. 

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two has been desperate to take her children on a cruise and this year was announced as a Carnival Cruise ambassador. She also has had a few tours of different ships too so is becoming a bit of an expert. She is adamant that I will love it and that my fear won’t come in to play because the ship is so large, you don’t notice you’re at sea… 

After chatting to Laura I read many more posts from bloggers that I trust about how they too have had cruise experiences with and without their families…

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So do I listen to them? Do I take a leap of faith and book a cruise for my family? Or do I cower in the corner and avoid them at all costs? 

Again I turned to my trusty Google and checked out places I could cruise around (is that the right terminology? I have no idea) 

I am very much tempted by the Caribbean because we’ve never been and I’m a sucker for a sun holiday. A cruise would also cover the kids need for adventure and fun as there is so much to do on board and in the kids clubs. Also The Hoff’s need for rest and comedy is covered by the on board entertainment, as there are shows galore. I think I may be talking myself into this… Hoff better hide the credit card!