I'm going on an adventure to Thailand and Cambodia...


That's right, me, the beach loving, sunbathing, pale English rose is going on an adventure to Thailand and Cambodia... with ACTUAL activities! Like swinging through trees and boat related stuff.

Every time I think about it I laugh out loud, then puke a bit in my mouth. This is so far out of my comfort zone that I may as well be on a mission to Mars. BUT, I need to break some barriers, I'm so comfortable in my comfort zone that I'm getting bored. Time to be a new me and explore the wonders of the world from a different angle. Time for an adventure.

So what am I doing and where am I going?

Well on 14/05/16 I will be embarking on an 11hr flight to Bangkok with several other representatives from the press. From there I will be 'Glam Packing' through Thailand as well as crossing the border to Cambodia, flying back to Bangkok and then home again, all in 9 days. When I say 'Glam Packing' I mean staying in a different hotel every night, in different areas of the country(s). Every single minute of the day on this trip has been scheduled to provide me with as many experiences as humanly possible in the short time I'm there. From Thai massages to flying foxes and releasing crabs back into the sea to Kayaking down rivers. The itinerary is just crazy. I have had all my jabs, got my malaria pills, packed my sun cream, been given sensible shoes and shaved my legs... I'm ready for this! Thailand & Cambodia here I come! #LifeAsAliceOnTour!