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5 things to do in Bangkok with Kids…

I would never have thought about taking the kids toBangkok, in my head it was just a place backpackers went. I don’t know why I have overlooked this amazing historical city but since going I have to admit I think some parts would be perfect for children. Pick and choose your timing of the holiday though as the heat can be a deal breaker for their moods and boy is Thailand hot. 

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Tep Wireless - The perfect world travel companion

I'm a blogger. I need to be online. I need to be on social media. I need to instantly share pictures. I need to be tweeting what I'm doing and checking in at every cool place I go. I NEED WIFI!

What is the point of going on a cool press trip to show you all what is to offer in a beautiful country when I can't show you until I'm home because I have no signal or wifi connection. That is so 2002. 

Don't fret I have the solution as to how to blow your minds with my holiday spam whilst being in the jungle, Tep Wireless.

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