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Africa, Vegas, La La Land and beyond - My Bucket List - #TransunLights

Most of my travel passion is derived from jealousy of other people's travel photos on social media, especially family members who are as adventurous as we are, oh, and my love of nice weather and adventure of course. Having made seperate 'grown up adventures' and 'family adventures' bucket lists both the size of the Thames and growing, this is becoming quite an expensive thing to complete, as soon as we tick one off, we add another but at least we are never bored.

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Kyd's Rollercoaster Ride Achievements 2013- 14

I couldn't quite put in words how many rollercoasters Kyd has ridden this year so I thought I'd show you instead. This looks a lot, but he's actually been on most, if not all, of them more than once (some much more than I can count). It is clear to say, he's a nutcase thrill seeker. I am 100% sure there will be more in 2015/16 too.... pray for us, we have to do them with him!

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The Super Texas Rollercoaster Road Trip

I had never really thought about Texas as being one of my 'Bucket List' places before. Don't get me wrong it was on our US tour list and I have always admired the photos of others, but other places in the US, such as New York, Chicago and Florida, had been before it in the epic US trip list. All that changed recently, when Kyd came running down the stairs with his iPad brimming with excitement.

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