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Africa, Vegas, La La Land and beyond - My Bucket List - #TransunLights

Most of my travel passion is derived from jealousy of other people's travel photos on social media, especially family members who are as adventurous as we are, oh, and my love of nice weather and adventure of course. Having made seperate 'grown up adventures' and 'family adventures' bucket lists both the size of the Thames and growing, this is becoming quite an expensive thing to complete, as soon as we tick one off, we add another but at least we are never bored.

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Dreaming of Namibia

After meeting with the Namibian Tourist Board recently in Soho, London, I have had my head in the clouds dreaming of a place I had never heard much about before. I have done nothing but talk about random facts I learnt about this amazing country and about the fact that is naturally growing in popularity with tourists from around the world because of it's rural beauty and wildlife.

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