A Sporting Holiday in Sri Lanka

I am not an overly sporty person myself but I know many of you are so I thought I'd let you in on some of Sri Lanka's sporting activities. Most people don't think about the tiny island of Sri Lanka as a sporting holiday destination but it does actually have more to offer than you think. Sri Lanka is known here in the UK mainly for it's national cricket team but when visiting Sri Lanka there are many more things than cricket on offer. Hoff loves Cricket and so when I said that we were going to Sri Lanka for a wedding he automatically checked the cricket dates for their national team, sadly it was a bit too far in advance to know and so he has been checking it on and off since and is hoping he will get to go and check some out whilst there... as long as it's not on the day of the wedding of course.

I haven't myself tried any of these out but here is a list of activities and links to websites ~I have found for them.


Whilst out and about in Sri Lanka you'll be able to see Cricket wherever you go. The girls and boys of Sri Lanka love to play cricket in the streets and village squares and it is a much loved national game. When National or International games are on it is apparently a must for any Cricket loving visitor as the atmosphere is always festival like. -


OK so the dangerous waters and reefs in many areas mean that sailing isn't that wide spread in Sri Lanka but it does exist. Some young people and fishermen occasionally offer it from the beach. However experienced Yachtsmen can get more info from the Colombo Rowing Club.


OK, so Sri Lanka isn't quite the Maldives when it comes to the beauty you see whilst diving but there are still amazing things to see. From canyons and rocks to the various marine life and some world famous shipwrecks too. You can dive around Sri Lanka all year round but check out the best places and times of year here at

Trekking and Hiking

It is much easier to organise your own hikes, even the demanding ones, in the mountains of Sri Lanka than in most classic trekking countries in Asia. Some of the most scenic hiking areas around Sri Lanka are the Horton Plains, the high plateau of Nuwara Eliya or the area around the Hunas Falls north of Kandy as well as the Knuckles, a rockylandscape south of Kandy. These are all suitable for experienced hikers without help of any organisers. However if you'd like a guide check out this website for more info and book yourself one


We didn't just bring our passion for cricket to the island we also apparently gave us a love of golf. There are only 3 courses on the island but their location and atmosphere is enough to tempt any golf loving tourist to spend the afternoon on the fairways. Depending on which area you are in in Sri Lanka you will want to check these websites out - and


If you are a surf dud and you own your own board... take it! According to the Marco Polo Guide insider Tip their rental boards are a bit pants. During the summer, surfers from around the world meet regularly at Surfers Point on Arugam Bay, on the South East Coast due to the ideal surf conditions. (noted, I love a good surf dude eye candy)

Mountain Biking

The hills and mountains around Kandy and Nuwara Eliya offer excellent conditions and climate for mountain bikers. However, again an insider tip from Marco Polo Guides, not many hotels have suitable bikes to hire although there are specialised providers that run programmes you can join. Check out the reliable organisations here and (a Belgian company based in Colombo)

Balloon Flights

Take to the skies for a spectacular view over the reservoirs, rice fields and the mountain fortress in Sigiriya in the cultural triangle. For obvious reasons a hot air balloon ride is an unforgettable experience and one very much recommended by visitors who have been before. Check out or or

Information and facts taken from Wikipedia and Marco Polo Guides, all words my own.