Shambhala - The Tallest Hypercoaster in Europe...


On our recent trip to PortAventura, Kyd and I braved the scariest but best rollercoaster we'd ever been on, Shambhala.

It has to be the smoothest ride of our 'coaster journey so far. I was a bit worried when I saw there was nothing going over my shoulders in the cart but actually that was really refreshing in the end. It left us feeling really involved in the ride, feeling like we were actually flying. The 3 minute ride spans the park and gives you a beautiful view of Salou and the surrounding area before dropping you 256ft. We loved it, in fact, we rated it the best ride we've ever been on... and we've been on 55 this year alone. It scared the crap out of me but Kyd rated it 10/10.

Check out our ride video here...

Shambhala: ExpediciΓ³n al Himalaya is a steel Hyper Coaster roller coaster located at the PortAventura amusement park in Salou, Catalonia, Spain. It is the tallest and fastest hypercoaster in Europe.

After departing from the station, the train makes a 90 degree turn to the right, then begins to climb the 76-metre (249 ft) tall chain lift hill. Once the train reaches the top of the lift, the train drops back down to the ground on an 86 degree angle reaching speeds of up to 134 kilometres per hour (83 mph) as it passes through a tunnel. Following the first drop, the train then makes a slight left turn into the first of five camelback hills before dropping again and entering a figure-8-like helix. Next, the train goes over a small hill; at the same time, passing through a trim brake. Immediately after, the train enters the second camelback hill, followed by a slight left turn into an element that is similar to a splashdown as the track crosses under Dragon Khan. After going over the third and fourth camelback hills, the train passing through the mid-course brake run. Finally, after making a banked downward left turn, the train passes over the final camelback hill before entering the final brake run leading directly back to the station where the next riders board. One cycle of the ride lasts about three minutes.


  • Drop - 256ft
  • Longest Drop Rollercoaster in Europe
  • Length - 1564m
  • Time - 3 minute
  • Speed - 83mph
  • Capacity - 1680rph
  • Height Restriction - 140cm
  • Opened - May 2012




Catalonia (Catalunya)


**Information above taken from Wikipedia**