Africa, Vegas, La La Land and beyond - My Bucket List - #TransunLights

Most of my travel passion is derived from jealousy of other people's travel photos on social media, especially family members who are as adventurous as we are, oh, and my love of nice weather and adventure of course. Having made seperate 'grown up adventures' and 'family adventures' bucket lists both the size of the Thames and growing, this is becoming quite an expensive thing to complete, as soon as we tick one off, we add another but at least we are never bored. It's things like this Lapland Holiday review that makes my life so much harder to pick my top 3.

Transun are asking bloggers for their top 3 travel destinations on their bucket list as part of a competition this summer in which the prize is a trip for two to see the Northern Lights... which is on our 'grown up adventure' bucket list funnily enough. We have been thinking about this one for a while now and I think I have wiggled my list down to the top 3 Grown Up Adventures but it was a hard fight between so many fab places in the world I changed it several times... 

Nomading around Cape Town to Victoria Falls

Recently my incredibly well travelled cousin did the Cape Town to Victoria Falls Nomad trip and until then I hadn't really had that on my list at all. I have always known how beautiful Africa was but thought it as being just out of my comfort zone and reach. After talking to her about how beautiful everything was and what a once in a lifetime trip it had been, I started to look into it more. Jealousy struck quite severely when I saw the stream of photos she then began to put up and that was it then, it was a must and I was in love. It isn't your average trip and I would definitely do it without the kids due to the scale of adventure it is but it has been added in as my top three and I expect to have done it by the time I'm 40... 11 years to plan and do something isn't too out of reach is it! 



Oh come on, who hasn't dreamed of going to the bright lights of Vegas for a weekend of crazy madness? The pure idea of it makes me so excited I want to pee! The Hoff has always wanted to go to Vegas so he can live out some scenes from his favourite films. We do share a love for adventure but for me this holiday would be more than an adventure it would be a dream come true. I dreamt once we got married in Vegas... maybe we could renew our vows here on our 10th wedding anniversary in 2023? What do you say Hoff?

LA LA Land

America features highly on my entire bucket list especially the family one but La La Land (Los Angeles) tops that list for two main reasons, it's hot and it's iconic. I love a good story about what happens in the hills and the idea of the fitness freaks and skaters on the beaches makes me want to join in, although they'd make me feel fat and unfit if I was up close to them I'm sure. The iconic movies and theme tunes of TV shows ring out in my head just thinking about it and ticking it off my list is a must before I'm too old to don a bikini.

Are any of these on your bucket list? Do you have anywhere you think we would love on yours too? I'd love to add them to my never ending list of places to see!

This is an entry into the Transun #TransunLights competition t win a trip for two to the Northern Lights.

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Photos courtesy of Charlie Flanagan and her wonderful adventures.