Mark Warner Holidays - We're on our way

So it is early morning and I am in the airport with the crew. I have just bumped into the Tired Mummy Of Two crew too which was lovely. They're on their way to Turkey for their Mark Warner Holiday so we are all buzzing about what the next week holds whilst yawning because it was a stupidly early morning.

We have boarded the Mark Warner chartered plane. Everyone boarding will be going on a Mark Warner Holiday and everyone is as excited as us. Some are on their 7th and 8th year at Lakitira.... must be good.

Not everyone is as excited as Kyd though. This little traveller thinks that this is going to be 'epic' and he can't wait to get off the plane and for it to start.

Rocky is, well, being Rocky.


Hoff is happy to be out of the car and me... WELL... I can smell the beach from here.