We are going to Sri Lanka!!

This December the Hoff and I are jetting off to Sri Lanka for the wedding of a very good friend of mine. It has been on the cards for ages but now it's booked and sorted it has become very real and VERY exciting!

For us this will be a childfree once in a lifetime trip and with friends by our side and a wedding to boot, this trip is going to be epic. The planning has already begun and I've already started reading up on facts about the country and all there is to offer, so as you can expect, you'll be hearing about it a lot before we go.

A bit about Sri Lanka...

On the map Sri Lanka looks like a tear shaped emerald dangling from the Indian Subcontinent. Here, on this tropical island not even 700km (435miles) from the equator, the lush green of the groves of rustling palm trees and dense jungle forests mixes with bright green rice paddies and tea plantations. No other country in the world has been given so many beautiful names by visitors: the Romans called it Tabropana, the copper coloured, more than 2000 years ago and Arab seafearers named the island Serendib, the enchanting. Ancient Sandskrit writings refer to it as Sinhala dvipa, the lion island. The name the country has borne since 1972, Sri Lanka, is also poetic; it means the vulnerable beauty although the Tamils still call it Ilankai, the wonderful.

Covering an area of 25,300 miles squared, Sri Lanka may be small but it displays all of its legendary bio-diversity in the 435km (270mi) from Point Pedro in the north to Dondra south of Matara. The widest distance from east to west is 225km (140mi) but the wealth of natural richnessof this small island is quite astoniiishing. /the 1300km (800mi) of cocastline has endless sandy baches and remote bays with coconut palms swaying in the breeze and steep rocky coasts. Tourists can enjoy the water all year round; between Nov-Apr in the west and deep south and from May-Oct on the east coast, where there is more accomidation now that the civil war has ended. Whether you decide on a simple guesthouse, an elegant colonial vial or a chic resort - you will find exactly what you are looking for on the island's long beaches.

The civil servants of the British Empire looked longingly out to sea from Mount Lavinia, while Sri Lanka's oldest beach resort Negombo started attracting holiday makers from Europe in the early 1970s. Tourists will find something to satisfy all tastes along the so called Gold Coast between Columbo and Galle. Water sport enthusiasts as well as those just wanting a relaxing holiday, will be delighted with everything that is on offer here while those who like to venture out into hinterland will be well rewarded with secluded lagoons, peaceful lakes and enchanted tropical gardens. Arugam Bay in the east, in turn, attracts surfers from all over the world as the surf spots are among the best in Asia, while divers can enjoy the depths of the Indian Ocean with reefs teeming with sea life and historic shipwrecks. (credit Marco Polo Guides)

Photo credit - Wikipedia