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Soho is one of those awesome treasure troves of craziness. It consists of so many twists and turns you'll feel like you have been to several different countries within the space of a few steps. Did you know that back in the swinging 60's Carnaby Street in Soho was the place to be if you were into your trendy shopping but after years of a bit of a slum in trendiness, it's back up and running as a thriving area of London. A little bit further up the road you have the choice of over 80 different authentic and pan-Asian restaurants, from Malaysian and Mongolian to Szechuan and Cantonese, everyone's taste is covered... well if you like that type of food. If that's not your thing, Soho has some of the Cities finest restaurants and cutest cafΓ©s, so you won't go hungry.

It is one of my fave places to go in London, although there are many of them, if I want something a bit different or I'm with people who've not really 'done' London before it's always a fun place to start. It has the best of the best and the oddest of the oddest and it generally caters for everyone from Football fans to fashionistas and tourists to city dwellers, it is a magic corner of London where life is manic.

It is easy to reach on foot from several tube stations (Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square) Carnaby Street alone leads on to some beautiful and unique side streets and shopping court yards so you'll never be bored.

In the summer the bars and restaurants in Soho are buzzing with city dwellers and tourists alike, sipping cocktails in the sun on their cool outdoor seating and in the winter, sipping coffee in the cool coffee shops dotted around the busy streets. China Town is one of the largest areas outside of Asia to celebrate Chinese New Year, and they do it in an amazing style too, beautiful from start to finish. It also has some of the most beautiful and unique Christmas lights, creating the small street into a Christmas Shopping Wonderland.

Recommended Places to go...

Bar/Pub - Academy (12 Old Compton St) or something a bit more up market Mark's Bar at Hix (66-70 Brewer St)

Places to eat - If you want something typically English with a twist try Quo Vadis (26-29 Dean Street) or Barshu (28 Frith St) in China Town for something Sichuan and fiery.

Art and Culture (plus food) - If you don't want to do any more shopping (if that ever happens to people) take yourselves off to the Wallace Collection (Hertford House, Manchester Sq) This is like a treasure trove of beautiful Art and Sculptures with one of the worlds finest collections of 18th Century wonders. Plus it's Free... win:win. Of course if you'd like to spend a bit of money there they do have afternoon tea and a classy restaurant there on Friday and Saturday in which you can taste the poshest of French delicacies under the stars through the elegant glass ceiling in the courtyard.

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