Perfect Days in London with Marco Polo Guides

It is no secret that I love London. So when Marco Polo sent me one of their new Spiral Guides about Perfect Days in London, I got a bit excited. I am a lover of strange but true facts and finding new places and this guide has it all. Marco Polo pride themselves on their 'Insider Knowledge' and so it is the perfect guide for a London geek like me.

So when I went off to Soho on a cold, but beautiful, March morning to meet the awesome team from the Namibia Tourist Board, I took my guide with me. I decided that I would make the most of having no children and set myself a challenge, leave the meeting in Soho and walk from one area of London to another, finding strange places and things and looking them up in the book. I decided that as it was Red Nose Day that day, I would only take photos of things that were Red and that was no challenge at all, as it seems everything in London is Red... I will pick a different colour next time.

Where I went and what I learnt...


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