London - Finding Your Way with Marco Polo

One of the best things about London is that if you don't have a specific ETA or destination it doesn't really matter which way you turn as you'll always find something to look at, photograph and fall in love with. You will always find a way of getting back to where you started as there is always a tube, bus or taxi somewhere close by. It really is the best place to get lost.

Having a Marco Polo guide with you though makes life a little less lost for those who like order in their lives or a set plan for their day out. They will guide you to your destination with a handy street and tube map at the back, as well as giving you a quick random fact about where you are and where you're going.

The new Marco Polo Spiral Guides including The Perfect Day In... London, which I have, even gives you a full schedule of what you can achieve in a full day in that destination. So if you do like order in your days out get on and buy yourself a guide, there is something for everyone.


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