London - Discovering New Places, Pall Mall

Whilst walking from Leicester Square to Buckingham Palace I took the 'just walk in that direction and see where it takes you' approach. By doing so I came to some awesome places between Pall Mall, a regularly discussed area when playing Monopoly but one in which may be missed if you follow the typical tourist route and Queens Walk in Green Park. It is however in the Marco Polo Guide and so I could look up some of the places I was coming across and work out where I was. Turning down a few side streets and admiring the beauty of the architecture, I'm a bit of a building geek, I came across some beautiful little restaurants and shops in which I never knew existed but will be visiting and revisiting soon enough.

I popped into this cute little café down Crown Passage for a quick drink and it was packed full of happy Friday feeling office workers getting their last lunch before the weekend began. You could tell they were all regulars and the staff knew most of their orders by heart, in the centre of a big city full of people, this was lovely to see.

nearby was a little restaurant called Davy's at St James, this was one of Marco Polo's Insider tips and in this expensive side of town this restaurant is one of the more affordable ones. Davy's is a Wine Merchant and so it's more pub grub than posh restaurant food but that is sometimes all you need on a day out. Good British food like Bangers and Mash are what you can expect there during the day and they have a set menu for the evening, in which I think is very good value for the area they're in.... check it out at

A bit further on I came across the hats pictured above. I love hats. I love that this little old building had been home to Lock & co Hatters since 1676 and is the oldest hat shop in the world. It has made hats for many historical figures including Sir Winston Churchill, Charles Chaplin, Sir Anthony Eden, and Admiral Lord Nelson. Today they are proud to hold the royal warrants for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. The history of this place is amazing, I googled their website whilst I was stood outside and was taken aback by what I'd found on a whim. Here is a little video from their website that will help you understand my new found love.

I love what you can find when you go off course in London. The oldest hat shop in the world right there in front of you.


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