Mark Warner Holidays - Our Holiday in Lakitira Resort, Kos

I have written a few posts about certain parts of our Mark Warner Holiday at Lakitira recently but I haven't actually written about our holiday over all. 

Here is the review and what you need to know about our time with Mark Warner this year.


Lakitira Beach Resort, Kos, Greece...

Lakitira is located on the beautiful Greek Island of Kos. The golden sandy beaches and the sparkling Aegean sea of the resort draw you in as you walk out of the reception and on to the balcany. The photo's don't really do the beauty of the area justice and you soon realise that as it steals your heart whilst walking along the beach for the first time.


The Resort...

The resort itself is very clean, close together and full of happy smiling families, dressed in a mix of summer dresses and wetsuits. The atmosphere is buzzing with both energetic activity based excitement and a relaxed beach lull. The more you walk around the resort the more you realise this is the perfect choice for a family who are looking to learn new things, challenge themselves and make lasting memories of their time together but it is also obvious that this holiday means a lot to those without children too. Although Mark Warner are very much a family orientated company at this time of year, these holidays are perfect for energetic couples and singles wanting to get away and make their own memories together.


The Staff...

The staff are very helpful and there is always someone around to help you with your needs. The reception area can get quite busy but the staff are efficient enough to deal with this and each guest quickly and politely. The staff in the whole resort are fantastic and a credit to the management. This includes the cleaning staff, who are more than happy to help you with a smile when they witness you get locked out of your room in just your bikini... *coughs* who would do something like that??


The Accommodation...

There are several types of rooms and apartments, each with their own appeal. The larger rooms are perfect for families with smaller children, where the apartments are more suited for families with teens, who may want a bit more privacy. The rooms are cleaned daily to a very high standard with an electronic do not disturb button attached to the door (you know, if you want a lie in or a nap). There is a laundry room on site in which you buy tokens and powder from reception and it is easy to find and use. The standard hotel gadgets are in the rooms, kettles, hairdryers etc but a few items, such as the iron and ironing board, are only available from reception, although delivered to your room by room service and still free of charge, this was quite annoying as my clothes were quite creased when we got them out of the bag and I wanted to get changed, no biggy though.

The Water...

The swimming pools were busy but not too overflowing that you felt uncomfortable letting the children play without annoying the people around you. If you were worried about that though the beaches were quieter and separated into an Adult Beach; deeper and used more for swimming and a Children's Beach; shallow and very close to the sunbeds making it easier to keep an eye on smaller children. Beach towels can be rented from reception at a small cost saving space in your suitcase, you know for stuff like shoes, lego or make up...


The Activities...

The activities are located on the Waterfront alongside the adult beach and are heavily manned by trained and very friendly staff. There are plenty of activities to suit all abilities, ages and interests and the staff are really happy to help you along the way. You must remember to go to the waterfront welcome meeting at the beginning of your holiday, that is really helpful to explain how it works and what to book etc. The training courses do get booked up quickly so don't leave it too long.


The Food...

The choice of food in the resort is by far the best I've come across in a long time. For a resort, which offers full and half board options, the main buffet style restaurant is buzzing with excited guests wanting to see what was on offer that day. There are 4 restaurants on site, 3 of which are not included in your board options, they are a lot quieter though so depending on the occasion it sometimes pays to go there. They all offer different (but very similar) types of cuisine, traditional Greek, Italian, a snack style buffet (lunchtime only) and the main dinner buffet with different cuisines each day. All of which were served at a very high quality and in a very clean environment. Children are catered for early if they so wish with favourites such as pizza, fish and pasta in the Italian restaurant next to the pool, this comes in handy for tired little eyes and people ready for bed.


The Childcare...

The childcare offered at the resort is fantastic and completely free (from 2 up). They offer a different service for each age group and their activities are based on the skills they have or want to learn. They even do 1:1 special needs childcare (read more here). The activities vary from each group but all get time in the sea doing something exciting. They can come and go as they please depending on which activities they want to do and they don't get pressured into anything. The security is very tight with the children in their care. There is a password protected pick up for each child giving parents a peace of mind that their children will only be collected by people they know and trust. They have plenty of staff around, with small enough groups for the staff to control and get to know the children individually and work with them on their skills. The nursery staff for smaller children are well trained and have a routine set up similar to what it would be like back home, so not to confuse them. The different childcare areas are all separated and spread out perfectly, within easy walking distance from parents and activities.

Childcare times are Sunday-Friday 9.30am-12.30pm & 2.30pm-5.30pm.

Evening childcare is available from 6.30pm-11pm. Kidz club also take the children to dinner with their friends if they wish.

Over All...

All in all the resort is of very high standard. The holiday was organised to military precision meaning everybody knew what they were doing and where they should be, especially during check in and check out. Even in the airport the staff made life simpler by helping out whilst you loaded your bags or checked in to the chartered flight we were waiting to board. The information for every part of the resort and each holiday activity were easy to locate in reception and life was pretty simple whilst you were in the hands of the Mark Warner staff... in fact it was a bit of a shock when we got home and we were in charge of ourselves and every aspect of life again.

What we thought....

We loved it... I could honestly leave it at that but that would be pointless hey?!

It was a perfect holiday for all of us...


I relaxed, beat phobias, went to the spa, had my nails done, watched my family have fun and knew that the children were in good hands.


Kyd made new friends, tried new things, challenged himself, beat all expectations and had the time of his life.


Hoff relaxed, had fun, did new activities, smiled a lot, left work at home and spent some much needed and deserved time with the kids and his lovely wife (that's me).


Rocky had fun, loved the sea, made friends, loved the sea some more and spent some one on one time with Daddy.


There isn't really much more we could ask for from a holiday and there aren't really many negative things I can say against the whole thing. It is all so well organised and managed that if there was anything wrong they'd have fixed it there and then anyway.

The only niggle myself and the other guests seemed to have was that there was no Wifi in the rooms #FirstWorldProblems. This holiday is quite expensive and is used by a lot of business people needing to still work and answer emails (or blog) whilst they are there with their families. The only Wifi available was in reception and finding somewhere to plug yourself in was quite hard as it was often very busy, then it didn't connect because so many people were using it. There was a tiny bit of signal briefly by the pool bar but it came and went as it pleased and was very frustrating. I spoke to a lot of the adults sat trying to log in to their emails and they all said that they really needed to get some work done but it was becoming impossible... something to think about MW.


There was a lot of built up expectation about this holiday. A lot of research has gone into what we were going to be doing when we got there but I honestly didn't expect what we actually got out of the week. The quality of staff, services and food were more than we could ever ask for, the other guests were lovely and accommodating, the surrounding areas were fantastic and over all we would happily go back.

Speaking of going back, this holiday destination is so popular with the guests that some of the families have been going there, on the same date each year, for 7 years!! Each year a group of families from all over the UK meet together at Lakitira for their annual holiday. They met there, throughout the years and the children have grown up together and both them, and the parents, have developed real friendships. It was so nice to see. It was obvious to me why they do it again and again, the older kids, now teens, are never moaning because they have ready made friends to hang around with, the younger kids do too. The parents have the same type of bond as the children too and they were always laughing when together. It was a great sign for us newbies and gives huge credit to the resort and it's management in my eyes.


I would recommend Mark Warner Holidays to everyone, in fact I already have been. It has been an eye opening time being a Mark Warner Mum and has opened our lives up to some amazing possibilities. The sky is the limit for our family and Mark Warner has made us see that there are people and companies out there who really do think about the needs of everyone, including those with additional needs.

Sometimes it takes just one company to lead the way in inclusion for others... take note holiday companies, take note.

Thank You Mark Warner Holidays!

Lakitira Highlights...

  • SEN Childcare
  • Free Childcare
  • Great Staff
  • Great Activities for all
  • Fantastic Atmosphere