Mark Warner Holidays - Preparing For Our Holiday To Lakitira, Kos

So the time has come, the holiday we've been waiting for since we were announced as Mark Warner Ambassador's in December... Our awesome Holiday to Lakitira Beach Resort in Kos, Greece.

Next week we will be boarding the chartered plane with Mark Warner and jetting off to the sun, sea and sand we've been dreaming of all year. I'm not afraid to say I'm stupidly excited, in fact we all are and Kyd has already started to pack his suitcase in preparation.

So what are we doing to prepare for our trip to Lakitira, Kos?

Well apart from the obvious holiday gear, sun cream, swim wear, bucket and spade, this is an activity holiday so we have a list of free activities that we want to try at the resort and we have to think about what we need to pack for each.

Cycling, Fitness, Tennis... TRAINERS, plasters (because I am going to fall off and/or over knowing me) and a water bottle because Exercise in the heat is brutal.

Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Snorkelling... secure swimwear (you don't want to be falling out, whilst falling out, if you get what I mean).

Introduction To Sailing & Windsurfing... Some sort of therapy, as I have a fear of small boats BUT I am determined to do this, wish me luck.

Hoff is excited to get on a bike somewhere other than Reading and is taking his serious cyclist wear with him, I however, am really looking forward to the beach, the spa and a good cocktail and maybe conquering a fear I've had since a child.

I can't wait.


For the kids...

This is an activity holiday for the kids too you know, Kyd will be attending Kidz Club ALL DAY, ALL WEEK and Rocky will be in the Toddler Club too. Did I mention the childcare is FREE for ages 2+ and that Kyd will be getting full Special Needs 1 on 1 childcare throughout his stay, which was all included at no extra cost? No, well it is!

More on that in a different post but for now we are doing the prep for it by discussing what Kyd will be doing whilst there and explaining that he will have a friend with him at all times. It's something you need to do with Special Needs kids, the prep work is crucial for a smooth ride when you get there and for Kyd the excitement builds so much that when there, it's like watching a firework display of excitement before your eyes and it carries on everyday that you're there. He's been on the Mark Warner website every other day for a few weeks now and he is getting more and more excited as the days go by. He can't wait to board that plane.

He will need to pack trainers, sensible swimwear and strong shower gel to get the body art off each night, as I hear that they have great fun doing body art during the day and the activities range from beach cricket to windsurfing, so he'll never be bored.

Rocky has a similar agenda for his age group too, although slightly messier with art and a little bit more sheltered from the sun, he too will be doing some awesome activities during the week. So for him all he needs is a hat, shorts, swimwear and a good bath to get the paint off at the end of the day. Luckily the apartment we have has a beautiful bathroom and so all is set.


Smile Money...

When you're in Lakitira, Mark Warner provide a range of free activities and fun but you will still need some spends as it isn't an all inclusive resort, it is however, half board so some things are included. This includes Breakfast and dinner for all of us and the opportunity to eat separately from the kids. I am really looking forward to our romantic dinners and strolls whilst the children are in the free evening childcare but also to the family trips to local restaurants too, as I love to sample the local cuisine whilst I'm away.

Some of the activities do require booking in advance and some do require paying for, so make sure you check in advance on their website.

I have read several reviews about the security of Mark Warner holidays being amazing, so I'm not too worried about safety of our possessions but I'm generally not a fan of taking cash everywhere whilst at home, let alone abroad. Luckily for me I recently won a Caxton FX card loaded with Β£500 so we are set for a great holiday *cough* Spa Day for me *cough*. It's also great for emergency back up for those just in case moments too, which is something I get quite panicky about with Kyd's health issues. You should always have back up funds, even when you have insurance, as most Doctors and Hospitals will have an upfront fee to be paid and for this you need cash at hand.

Speaking of Insurance...

We've just updated our annual travel insurance for the whole family. Mark Warner Holidays do not cover your personal insurance so please don't forget to get some before you leave. Also an updated E111 card will cover you by the NHS for many things, so get those forms filled in. You can't be too careful. Just be aware that you need to be in a public hospital NOT a private hospital, otherwise you'll end up signing your house away with fees.

I think we're ready...

This time last year I was frantically doing last minute preparation for our wedding. We will be sipping champagne on a beach in Kos exactly a year to the day that we said I DO and with no franticness in sight. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our first year of marriage.

I am praying this week goes quickly so I can get myself on that beach and relaxing knowing the kids are in good hands for the first tim in forever. God Bless Mark Warner Holidays and their awesome childcare team.

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