Alton Towers - Scream if you're another year older!!

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I am still shocked that Kyd is now 12. TWELVE. 6x2. 3x4. A whole whopping dozen. My baby is now not so much a baby anymore and so a party was not on the agenda... Rollercoasters were.

Kyd is the rollercoaster king. He loves them more than chips apparently and that is a lot. As a Thorpe Park ambassador he can often be seen at the top of Stealth screaming his head off making the best faces in the process. His trip to Orlando, Florida last year saw him brave 110 rollercoaster rides in just 10 days, making him prouder of himself than ever.

Alton Towers was somewhere we'd not been before. Somewhere new to clinch Kyd's thrill of the big twists and turns and loops and screams and because it was his day, this was the perfect destination for a bit of birthday fun.

After a very early start and a bit of a traumatic car journey, with a very car sick Rocky, we were very, VERY, ready to escape to the dizzy heights of the famous Alton Towers attractions.

What we thought...

IT WAS AWESOME!! It was a great day out for everyone, with things to do for all ages it really is the perfect family day out, albeit a very tiring one.

Parking -

The disabled parking is very close to the entrance and is perfect distance for wheelchair users and special needs children/adults. Normal parking is a distance away but a shuttle gets you in and out of the park in a pretty stylish way. *see website for prices*

The Site - 

The site is very large. It is also very hilly, making it harder to get around for some. Kyd found the hills very tiring and pushing the buggy up them was a nightmare. People in manual wheelchairs may wish to have a strong person with them to push them up some parts of the park.

The Facilities -

They are very clean and well maintained. However very sparsely spread out throughout the park making accidents for young ones something that is bound to happen. We had to back track quite a long way to find one at one stage, for Kyd and his medical needs this was hard.

The Food -

The food is of average theme park price (expensive) but there is very good variety. I would suggest that you pack a bag of snacks and a picnic. There are some beautiful gardens in which you can picnic. Beware of the wasps though, there were loads of them hovering about even at the end of September.

The People -

The staff were really helpful. They were clear and precise about the disability facilities and the staff on the rides were really upbeat and interactive with Kyd. Not once did he feel patronised or out of place, hats off to them.

The Queues -

WOW, the queues were huuuuuuuuge!!! Most of which were 90 minutes plus and we weren't even there in peak season. My advice would be to get a fast track pass for certain rides. Especially if you have little ones who don't 'do' queuing. Disabled customers can get a red wrist band for them and their families, however be prepared to wait too. They are only allowed to admit one red band per ride and when the ride has been shut most of the day due to difficulties it can lead to a very busy period. We waited 50 minutes in the disability queue for Smiler and it wasn't great. Luckily Kyd was happy to sit on the floor but we did start to get into a few issues as the queue moved along. Luckily this was the last ride of the day and his legs had a long rest in the car afterwards.

Cbeebies Land also had queues which could have been disastrous as Rocky isn't the most patient toddler on the block. Luckily they weren't as long as the others and he soon got round the rides.   

The Rides -

Here is the list of rides we went on that day with Kyd's marks out of 10...





Nemesis Sub-Terra

Sky Ride












Hex - The Legend of the Towers

Runaway Mine Train

Haunted Hollow

The Blade








Kyd had his favourites which is obvious from above, Oblivion and Smiler were two of them. He said that the loops on Smiler were the best so far and the drop into the dark hole on Oblivion was the scariest point of the day. Rocky said his favourite part was Justin's House in Cbeebies Land. He thought it was a good day all round (minus the travel sickness). Hoff and I loved seeing how happy the park made both the kids. Often you find it's good for one or the other, Alton Towers has this balanced out nicely now they have the addition of Cbeebies Land.

All in all it was a great day, maybe we will stay in the hotel next time, it was a long old day in a hot sick lined car... it was as bad as you are thinking right now, if not worse.


  • Rollercoasters
  • Attractions
  • Cbeebies Land
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Fast Track options
  • Easy Parking

Where to Book...

£36.90 Adult

£32.00 Child


I was not paid for this review, I wasn't even given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it's features. I just loved the place and sharing is caring. Please see the T&C's at the bottom of the page for more information.