We Braved Fright Night... ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!

So I wrote about Thorpe Park's Fright Nights a few weeks ago (read it HERE)... this time last week I was there myself with a pair of spare pants in my bag, you know just in case. I was in good company, bloggers, youtubers, music artists, actors and actresses all in a little huddle as the special Merlin Pass holders went by. In the middle of the huddle was a group of people dressed up, a group of friends having a laugh. Little did we know, one of them was the awesome Olly Murs, incognito. Honestly it took us a good half hour to work that out. Joining Olly were some familiar faces, Amy Willerton, Alexandra Burke, Lethal Bizzle, Titchy Stryder and several others. Not only that but some awesome (and very young) Youtubers caused a huge stir amongst young fans passing by, it was like one direction were in the room. It was all a bit surreal.

The below video was filmed on that night. I am just pleased they didn't catch me and Mummy Barrow screaming like scardy cats coming out of the new Thirteen Maze. Video courtesy of Thorpe Park

What I thought....

What I thought? Well I thought I was going to die, that is what I thought!! I was a little tipsy, Dutch courage and all that, but whilst waiting for Mummy Barrow and her family myself and my mate Bradders were amongst the above famous faces sipping a few Jagermiester cocktails.

We thought we'd ease ourselves into it... by going through the SAW maze. Why? Why would we start on that? It was like we'd been placed into a nightmare. As you walk into the Saw maze you have the rules explained to you...

You must stay in a single file with your arms out in front of you, on the person in front’s shoulders. The actors may touch you but you must NOT touch the actors. Good Luck, you’ll need it.
— Thorpe Park Scare Actor

Once you walk in you are screamed at, jumped out on, scared witless and finally petrified that you won't actually come out alive. The actors are amazing. They really make this horrible for every guest. The good news for me is that Mummy Barrow was chosen by an actor to go first in the queue, I was laughing so hard at her screaming that it calmed me down a little. The bad news is that Bradders was behind me and he made a point of making life much worse for me. We made it out... just. It was a horrible experience, but that is the whole point of a HORROR maze, right?!

On we went around the park. To try and get our breath back we decided that rollercoasters were a great idea... honestly I think we were possessed that night. It was dark, there were freaky scare actors running around with axes and we decided that Stealth, the fastest and scariest ride in the park was a great idea! It was a great experience doing it in the dark if I'm honest. The views are beautiful, if only I could have taken a camera! Myself and a member of the Barrow tribe decided we'd try and beat the G Force by doing a 'Good Stealth' picture... this was harder than it looks at 0-80mph in 2 seconds.

Then the big deal. The new Thirteen Maze. Jees this was 100x worse than the SAW maze. It was the waiting and the unknown that was killing me outside. We need our blimming heads looking at going in there, people were running out screaming! We did it though. This really was horrendous. With the first lady being up in your face and screeching the history of the motel you just knew this was going to get much worse. Throughout the maze you have flashing lights leaving you in pitch black and at the mercy of some very dodgy characters. You get followed by freaky kids asking you to play, a man with a pig head keeps appearing out of nowhere and at every turn something new is there to break you. I thought it couldn't get any worse but at the very end.... well, I don't want to spoil it for you but it's not over when you think it is and this makes for a sharp exit.



Never again... Well... All in all, considering the fact that it was horrible, it was brilliant all the same. BUT for someone with a nervous disposition and a huge fear of clowns, people in masks and well, everything that I can't see, this was something that really broke my brain. I was shaking from head to toe, I was laughing too so it was a good shaking I suppose. Everybody around us was having the same reaction so I didn't feel as ridiculous as I looked and just to let you know, I didn't even need my spare pants. Result.

Alice's Bucket List

Thorpe Park Fright Night - TICK


  • Ride Rollercoasters in the dark
  • Brave the scare mazes for the fright of your life
  • Beware of the Actors around the park
  • Costumes optional
  • Not suitable for under 12 years

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