Thorpe Park - Shark Hotel

When you stay over night in a theme park, fun stuff happens :-D

Our time as ambassadors for Thorpe Park has been full of fun twists and turns and been a little bit screamy, backwards and fast paced... so when we were given a room at the Shark Hotel, I have to say, even the thought of getting to lay down was heaven.

The Shark Hotel is the newly renovated 'Crash Pad' which consists of a little cabins that sleep 4 and are perfect for people who want to spend more than one day at the park but the journey home is a little too far to crash at home.

What we thought...

I will be honest, the rooms are VERY small, in fact they are tiny. Their purpose is for people to crash for only small periods of time and sleep in, that is all and that is all you can do really. They have one double bed and one bunk bed, both are quite high off the floor and the top bunk has very little room to manoeuvre.  We struggled with Rocky, I'm not going to lie. The bottom bunk was too high off the floor and meant if he fell out it would hurt.... so he slept in our bed, which was awkward.

There is also a walk In wet room, which consists of a toilet, a sink with mirror and shower, both very modern and clean and enough room to do what is needed, the door hold in the steam and so it makes life for the others in the cabin much easier.

The air con acts as heating too and is quite noisy, however it does what it needs to do and is controlled with a little remote which can be found in the holder by the door. Take a bit of time working it out when you first get in as there is nothing worse than getting in to a boiling hot cabin or in the winter, a freezing cold one.

The dΓ©cor is really cute, as you'd expect it is shark orientated. The best part is that the large picture on the wall of the park and the shark has  coloured LED lights above which you can custom match to your mood, making the place your own.

You have a TV too, of course, which has FreeView etc and was perfect for me as I'm a bit of a soap addict.

Your room comes with a few bottles of water but I would advise that you take supplies with you. Snacks and drinks ready when you get in from a hard days screaming is just what you need. The 360 restaurant is open until 10pm and the bar is open later so you won't go hungry and you get breakfast thrown in too!

With the second day ticket free, it almost makes you love it more! You can spread out the rides and do the ones you love twice, thrice... you get my point. You even get to go in for early riding before the Joe public arrive... that's pretty cool!

The price is pretty standard and if you go on certain days is a bit of a bargain, so deffo do your research before picking a day. If you are really brave they have some cracking Fright Night packages available... You wouldn't catch me doing that though!


  • Second Day Free
  • On Site Stay
  • Free Breakfast
  • Early Rider Pass

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