Discover London, Take A Wrong Turn

London is such a beautiful city in the sunshine, the rain, snow or even through a storm and for me a day wondering the streets of London creates a calming factor to the madness of my life.

It sounds daft really doesn't it, how can London be calming with all those people and traffic?

Well for me, walking the streets of London sends me into a little Zen like trance. Watching the hundreds of people going about their world, some smiling, some not, reminds me that others exist outside my dismal existence and that they're probably as lost in a trance as I am. 


Exploring London streets with no map and no agenda makes me feel almost complete for a short time. Turning down a side street to find all the beautiful buildings, venturing further and finding small hidden gardens, history and art work you'd never have seen if you'd not taken that turn.

For me this is something that makes my heart that bit calmer, my head that bit clearer and allows me to breathe that bit deeper. I might be breathing in the foggy fumes of the city but for me it gives me an odd sense of understanding of myself and time to think about what I've been avoiding thinking about.

You see to me, London represents life, you can be busy and fast paced on the outside, yet if you venture just around the corner, explore and be brave, you can find tranquil and calm, happiness and peace.

Obviously London has it's rough side, it's horrible side, it's own realty, but for me as a 'tourist' this is in the far distance and so although it's there, it isn't in my eye line, because I'm blinded by the beauty that is London.

'If one is tired of London, one is tired of life.' Samuel Johnson

I love getting lost in London.

My advice to anyone is, take a wrong turn and discover the real London.