#WWEUKTour VIP - An Awesome Night Out For Any Aged Fan

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Everybody knows a secret, or openly proud, wrestling fan, because however old you are, 5 or 50, most will have seen it at some point and been dragged into the drama. Most will also have a favourite WWE wrestler whether they watch it regularly or not. Whether it be Hulk Hogan or John Cena, The Ultimate Warrior or Shamus, life as a wrestling fan can be transferred from generation to generation and that is what it is all about for us.

Those reading this thinking... I don't have a favourite at all... you do know a few names though don't you?... The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, the list of Wrestlers who have gone on to further their career in acting or celebrity status goes on and on and on... making them household names and bringing WWE into the lives of unsuspecting viewers.

You'd be right to think that WWE is a very American 'sports entertainment' show on SKY TV but actually the UK fan base is HUGE. The live shows here are welcomed with open arms and excited faces of all ages. I know that there are casinos around the country that host WWE Live nights where they feature the 'Pay per View' shows on a big screen at silly times of the night (shown live from US time) and they bring in a pretty big crowd... I know this because a few of my mad friends go to them.


We were invited to a live show at Wembley last week for the WWE UK Tour. Wembley as a venue is always good for music gigs and so I was looking forward to seeing it in a different light. We were invited as a VIP... this was very exciting for WWE obsessed Kyd as he got to meet some of the WWE stars. We have been to WWE in London before, at the O2 back in 2010 and it was the happiest I'd seen Kyd ever, not even football made him skip and run and squeal as much as he did that night. He hugged me tighter than he had ever done before and it was a very humbling mummy moment... girl did good! So being a VIP was going to be mad for him.

Kyd was actually going to the Wembley show already before we were invited as VIP. He had been bought special tickets for his birthday by my cousin and her partner, who are both big fans. The fact we then could give them a VIP experience, as well as having an extra ticket for a friend who turned into a child as soon as I told him, meant I was the most popular person in their world for a good week or so.


On the night we arrived and made our way over to the guest door. Having our names on the door was a big deal to the unsuspecting Kyd and co. We made our way upstairs to the bar area where we were greeted with our goody bags and a free bar... everyone loves a free bar. We had our photo's done, played on the Xbox and caught up with a few bloggers and celebs whilst we mingled. Then the magic happened.... The Bella Twins arrived!

If you didn't know, The Bella Twins are part of the Total Diva crew. The female part of WWE, oh yes girls, we get involved too... although they are like pint sized muscly, booby, crazy people with perfect hair and make up... we are not. Anyway they excite the boys as well as giving a bit of girl power. Kyd was definitely excited but not as much as the friends I was with... yeah, that was just awkward.

WWE Superstar VIP Experience Package

  • 1 Premium Ringside Seat
  • 1 Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunity with WWE Superstars**
  • 1 Photo with WWE Championship Title
  • 1 Exclusive Limited Edition WWE Event Chair
  • 1 Exclusive WWE Merchandise Item
  • 1 Limited Edition Event Poster
  • 1 Commemorative VIP Ticket Holder
  • Venue Parking (where applicable)
  • Crowd-Free Merchandise Shopping Area
  • On-site VIP Greeter

WWE Enhanced VIP Package

  • 1 Floor Seat
  • 1 Matted Autographed Superstar Photo
  • 1 Exclusive WWE Merchandise Item
  • 1 Limited Edition Event Poster
  • 1 Commemorative VIP Ticket Holder
  • 1 WWE Program
  • Venue Parking (where applicable)

What we thought...

As a parent and novice wrestling fan the show was brilliant, as exciting as you'd expect it to be for the kids and more. For those at the age where they believe it is real (not acting) it was 'awesome' as Kyd put it and I could see that on the faces of the young fans around the arena. For those of us with a few inklings of the reality of it, it was still quite enticing and I didn't get bored. They really know how to put on a great show. However it was obvious that the crowd were there for the big acts, Shamus and Cena, Cena especially meaning the crowd weren't as hyped up and rowdy for the other matches, which felt like a damp squid in comparison. The VIP package really made the fans I was with fall over themselves with glee and so I would definitely recommend looking into buying the package for a special occasion if you have a fan in your house, you'll be their favourite for a very long time. It was a really good family night out and we made lots of memories and the fact Kyd had a cuddle with the Bella Twins gained him huge lad points online.

What the huge fans of WWE thought...

WWE house shows are a funny thing, they send out a limited number of the roster to far off places - i.e. Wembley Arena in London. Well that was the case for me. I was invited by my friend Alice, who was taking kyd. As she knows I'm a massive Wrestling fan. The pre event party was fantastic! Free drink, free food, free goodies, photo with The Bella twins. Not many complaints, just lack of Wrestlers at the party was a bit of disappointment! The matches were pretty decent, but the crowd were pretty quiet for most of it, apart from Cena vs. Seth Rollins. Would have been nice see the likes of Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt or some of the Day talent who are on NXT, like Adrian Neville. Who is English himself. I know he gets a lot of stick, and I don't particularly like him that much - but fair play to John Cena, he can fire up divide an audience wherever he goes. Rollins the same - he has a lot of potential to be a big star! I would say overall it was an okay WWE event, but you feel it lacks a big chunk of what's really currently popular in the WWE at the moment. - Ross Goddard, WWE fan since birth.

Tour Dates...

Wednesday, 5 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: The SSE Arena, London, England   Ticket & Event Details 

Thursday, 6 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales   Ticket & Event Details    

Thursday, 6 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland   Ticket & Event Details

Friday, 7 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Birmingham LG Arena, Birmingham, England   Ticket & Event Details    

Friday, 7 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland   Ticket & Event Details

Saturday, 8 Nov., 7 p.m.: Butlins Arena, Minehead, England   Ticket & Event Details 

Saturday, 8 Nov., 7 p.m.: Phones 4u Arena, Manchester, England   Ticket & Event Details

Sunday, 9 Nov., 5 p.m.: Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, England   Ticket & Event Details

Sunday, 9 Nov., 5 p.m.: First Direct Arena, Leeds, England   Ticket & Event Details 

Monday, 10 Nov., 7 p.m.: WWE Raw at Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool, England   Ticket & Event Details

Monday, 10 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth, England   Ticket & Event Details

Tuesday, 11 Nov., 7 p.m.: WWE SmackDown Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool, England   Ticket & Event Details 

Tuesday, 11 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Brighton Centre, Brighton, England   Ticket & Event Details 

Wednesday, 12 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, England   Ticket & Event Details

Thursday, 13 Nov., 7:30 p.m.: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland   Ticket & Event Details


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