Travelling with kids in Sri Lanka

OK, so we aren't taking the kids with us to Sri Lanka but many do. Sri Lankans of all religions and classes LOVE children and - in marked contrast to India - it seems this applies to both boys and girls alike. They are just as warm and caring when they meet their guests. Travelling with children will usually mean a very warm reception and lots of friendly attention from the locals. Sri Lanka is not a typical family holiday destination and it's really up to parents (and sometimes the GP) whether they are ready to cope with or suitably healthy for the tropical climate. However, the older the child the more fun they'll have I have realised. They can watch the toddy tappers balancing their way from palm to palm tapping the coconuts on the south coast, the cheeky monkeys in some of the temples or just take in the exotic life on the streets and in the bazaars.

Places to visit with kids...

Excel World Entertainment Park

This park is a mini Ceylonese Disneyland but the locals are very proud. All ages can amuse themselves with activities such as a bowling alley and a roller skating rink while the smaller children will have more fun at the go kart track, the merry go rounds and other traditional amusements. Open Daily 10am-6pm Free Entry but small fee for rides.

Elephant Orphanages and Rides

There are several attractions where you can visit the elephant orphans in Sri Lanka... Read more about the elephants on my post all about the elephants HERE...

Canoe Trip Near Galle

If the children don't find the idea of a stroll through the fort in Galle much fun take them off to the Gin Ganga River for a paddle inland. There is plenty of wildlife to see in the mangroves - especially in the early morning and late afternoon. 3000 SLRs (Β£15) per person

Sporting Activities

There are several sporting adventures you can take the kids on from hot air balloon rides, surfing and diving to birdwatching and cricket. Read more about them in my Sporting Post HERE...

Information and facts taken from Wikipedia and Marco Polo Guides, all words my own.