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Zoomer Hedgiez Tumbles - Review

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The whole world is a stage for the new Zoomer Hedgiez Tumbles interactive hedgehog. With super soft shiny fur, in an awesome Glam Rock style, this little hedgehog will be any little rocker's new best friend very quickly. You can comb her/his hair into a cool new style with the cute little comb (included) to give it a unique style before it walks, rolls or summersaults away. When you gently pet the Hedgiez's head, watch as it preforms tricks for you. Press it's nose and it'll whistle, kiss or wriggle at you. This little Hedgehog even loves to nap in your bed and have a cuddle so the love never ends. This isn't just a toy, this is a new best friend.

What we think...

How bloody cute is this little 'edgehog! We have named ours Debbie, after Debbie Harry, as it's such a little punk rocker. They do other styles and colours in this range so don't worry if Debbie's colouring isn't for your little one. Rocky, the boy wonder, loves pink and so he see's no gender divide within colours of toys. The packaging of the Zoomer range is always pretty gender neutral, even when the toy is bright pink, it doesn't look like it's aimed at a singe gender, making many very happy. Inside the box is a cool cheat sheet, meaning that you can have it to hand for a few days until you know your Hedgiez habits. You can tickle, play and nap with this ball of fun. The cheat sheet simply explains how to get it to do tricks and this Zoomer is simple enough for children as young as 4; unlike some of the other toys in the Zoomer range.

This is in my top 5 toys I have reviewed so far this year, it's everything you could want from a pet and it doesn't poop! WINNER! 

Watch This...

I haven't filmed myself with Debbie this time, however my friend Laura over on TiredMummyOfTwo's YouTube channel has. I've added the video so you can see and hear the pure cutters of this beauty. Enjoy...


  • Comb Included
  • Cheat Sheet for easy use
  • 4 x AAA batteries needed
  • Ages 4+
  • Part of the Zoomer range

Where to buy...

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