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Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack - Super Water Gun


This is one intelligent life form, soaker! Blast those extraterrestrials right back to outer space with this cool water gun. Perfect for any little astronaut this summer.

What we think...

When we received this super water gun Rocky instantly became the cool kid on the street. On one of the few warm days we have had so far this summer, Rocky emerged from the house like a space ghostbuster. He pumped his gun, stared at his friends as they ran away sideways and pressed the trigger... That is when all hell broke loose as nobody had realised it went side ways as well as forward. The fact that the gun has such a large supply of water from the backpack makes anyone wearing this a winner of any water fight. It isn't as heavy when full as I thought it would be so it was easy for Rocky and his young friends to wear. It did leak slightly so we did have a wet back but I think that was because he was pulling at it each time rather than a fault. When Kyd got home he too found it the best thing since sliced bread. The fact that the straps adjust means it is fun for all the family, whatever size the kid/adult. We need to invest in a few more so that it's an even fight, above is a picture of the Fireman version, I think two of each will work perfectly. I'm not competitive but I hate to lose... Bring it on!


  • made by Aeromax

  • Shoots over 30ft

  • Shoots multiple directions

  • Great summer garden toy

  • Easy to wear and use

  • Matching fancy dress available


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