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Vtech Treat Time Marshall is a real treat this Christmas...

Ready for a Ruff-ruff Rescue! It’s Marshall the Firefighter Dalmatian! VTech presents Treat Time Marshall, featuring the real voice of Marshall! Feed Marshall pup treats and he will teach you colours, letters and phonics! That’s not all; Marshall will teach fun firefighter facts, vocabulary and play music! Treat Time Marshall encourages imaginative play, basic maths skills, language development and more! Now you can help Marshall on his ruff-ruff Rescue missions and keep Adventure Bay safe! Paw Patrol is on a roll! - Vtech

What we think...

Rocky started school this September and although I thought he was starting on a good foot with his learning, it turns out, he doesn't necessarily know all he should; or he does but he's not openly sharing the information at school. I have been looking at everything to help him with his sounds too as he was a late speaker and some of his words are still a bit slurred, we have bought flash cards etc but he isn't overly bothered at sitting and doing them with me as I am obviously his boring old mum. So when Vtech brought out this awesome little pup I was quite excited, he loves Paw Patrol, as you will probably know from past posts, and therefore Marshall will be the best bet for teaching him his sounds, letters and colours, he isn't old, boring or his mum.

This Vtech Treat Time Marshall is a robust plastic toy, that can be carried around like a bag. The 26 treats work with the different sounds, games and learning and can be easily stored away in Marshall's belly when not being used. Marshall can learn the first letter of your child's name in which to make it a much more personal experience for your little one, which is a bit special for a toy I think. Simply follow Marshall's instructions to find the letter, colour or sound amongst his treats and place it in his mouth. The Treat Time Marshall comes with over 250 sounds, songs and phrases so it takes a long time before it gets repetitive (important info for parents that ;) hahaha). It is a 'straight out of the box ready' toy, meaning it has the batteries already in place and ready to play once out of try me mode and no battling with the excited, impatient tantrum whilst trying to set it up (thanks Vtech packaging, this is great news this Christmas).

Over all, as a parent I love this toy. It is helping me do my job at home and going hand and hand with the work he is doing in Reception Class at school. It is one of the most popular characters with children this age and so a fail safe option for a present. It was also in 'top for tots' in the Dream Toys 2016 list and we are very lucky to have it in our Santa sack.

*STAY TUNED* Rocky's toy demo vlog to come after Christmas


  • Age 3+
  • from £36.99
  • Box Includes: 1 x Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall. 26 treats.
  • Batteries Required (included in box).
  • Assembled dimension of 102 x 306 x 300cm.
  • Treat Time Marshall comes with 4 modes; Letter Treats, Learning Rescue, Search & Rescue and Music Time
  • Featuring the real voice of Marshall
  • Encourages imaginative play, basic maths skills, language development and more
  • Feed Marshall pup treats and he will teach you colours, letters, phonics firefighter facts, music and more

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