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The New Clangers Magazine Review with Rocky, age 3

The New Clangers Magazine Review

A magical new magazine is out and it's home to some very special inhabitants. Clangers Magazine is a place for children to discover, wonder, play and explore. It's jam-packed with things to read, make and do, along with a special space sticker section, Clanger Club and regular features such as 'I spy in space' as well as two heart-warming stories. It's an intergalactic learning journey where the reader helps the Clangers to solve their latest problem and it's sure to capture the imaginations of those children who wonder, "What is out there...?".

What We think...

So we have had the pleasure of reading the first EVER edition of the new Clangers Magazine this week and I am genuinely pleased to announce that we bloody love it! It has kept both Rocky and Kyd quiet and busy with the alphabet pages since it turned up. It is jam packed with things to do and create and has got Rocky and Kyd discussing their shared love of the moon. Inside the magazine is a magic circle, when you hold it up to the light you can see the moon... hours of fun and confused faces right there, it's brilliant. The initial thought when it arrived was 'OMG a bloody whistle... nooooooo!' but once we opened it and they had a go it was a quiet Clanger noise, which is absolutely Mum friendly. The stickers have places to go in the magazine too, meaning I wasn't peeling them off the floor with a scrubbing brush. You also get a little clanger which you can make and create a little boat for at the back of the magazine, we haven't got that far yet as we're keeping it for a rainy day. We have however been colouring the cute double page colouring sheet, which I must say is a masterpiece. Last night went well too, we read both Clanger stories from the magazine and Rocky was out like a light ALL night... ALL NIGHT PEOPLE! This is amazing! Give me a high five Clanger Magazine people, give me a High Five!


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  • Fun Stories
  • Stickers
  • Hours of fun
  • Monthly subscription available

Where To Buy...

Available from all good newsagents and supermarkets

Bumper 1st edition - Β£2.99

Normal Price - Β£2.85


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