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The New Cat S60 Phone - Quite literally a life saver.

Revolutionise the way you interact with the world around you with the power of thermal just a touch away. Be among the first to bring this accessible thermal imaging technology to your workplace, your home or even on-the-go with the Cat® S60.

With thermal imaging available at the simple touch of a button, you can quickly identify gaps in insulation, electrical faults and monitor the performance of machinery. You can even check the gas cylinder levels for your barbeque or find the freshest loaf of bread at the market. But really the possibilities are endless...we’re looking to YOU to find them all.

What we think...

Last week I was at an event in my home town of Reading with the Bullitt Group. We were there to hear all about the new Cat S60 Phone. This is no ordinary phone though, it is one with superhero powers. Designed with many occupations and people in mind, this is one hell of a breakthrough in usable tech.

The main selling point for this phone is the thermal imaging camera, the first of it's kind on a phone. I must admit, I did think 'but why?' when I saw it but was soon wowed by the potential of such a device. 

The device can basically see through walls, for builders avoiding wiring. It can see whether wires are live or not for electricians. It can see where people have been sat, for police approaching an abandoned car. It can find patients at crash sites, missing people in police searches and can even see through smoke for the fire brigade. Farmers and vets can use it to see whether live stock have swelling or pain and if they need seeing to, before they worse. This innovative new portable software may well be the saving grace of the emergency services. 

The world’s most waterproof smartphone can survive depths of up to 5 meters for 60 minutes using our unique Lockdown Switch. The S60 can also take underwater photographs and video, as well as boasting a glove and wet-finger compatible Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 touchscreen.

This phone isn't just about the thermal imaging camera though. It is waterproof for up to a 5m depth, that's photo and video. It is also rugged enough to be dropped regularly from heights of up to 1.8m and still stay in one piece. It's durable enough to even endure a toddler, now that is enough to sell that phone to me. 

Although I must admit that I have no logical reason to need such a device, it is pretty cool just to play around with, as you can see from the pictures. However, as I am meant to be testing this out fully, I thought I'd give it to a builder doing a house reno at the end of my road, show an adventure travel friend over coffee and get my coastguard mum to see what she thinks too...

As long as the price is right, this could be fantastic. It could save us a lot of time and money during jobs. *plays with thermal imaging camera* The camera can’t see through tarmac because the tarmac has some sort of chemicals in it but it can see through plaster board and metal. It can tell me that the wires in the wall are live, whether the surface is the right temp to work on and even see what is under the water, with the under water video and camera. It’s going to be a very handy tool. Where can I get one?
— The Builder
I’ve been looking for a phone which I can take on my next adventure, I travel through wilderness, go on white water rapids and up mountains, I have lost and broken so many phones over the years. This would help me see predators in the jungle *giggles* and get the amazing film of the diving I do. If I dropped it on a rock up a mountain, it won’t matter, or smash... when can I get one of these?
— The Traveller
As a coastguard we are often out on emergency searching in the pitch black. We can’t see anything that the flash light doesn’t hit and if the casualty or missing person is hidden behind something, they can often be missed. The features on this phone are mind blowing, it could literally save lives. I can see heat from bodies on cliffs and in bushes. Also we are often in water, being coastguards and all, the underwater camera and video could really help in that way. Plus, I have a business phone and a personal phone, having a duel sim means one phone and less to break!
— The Coastguard

SO, as you can see, the features of this phone have many people thinking and excited. I hope to see them used more widely when they are released, I know 3 people at least, who will be recommending them to their teams, colleagues and friends.

S60, saving time, saving lives, saving memories.


  • Duel Sim
  • 1st Thermal Imaging Smartphone
  • Waterproof for 5m (inc camera)
  • Drop Proof (up to 1.8m)
  • Military Specifications
  • Perfect for many occupations

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Realised Mid July 2016


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