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The SML Diet plan is a meal replacement plan, I have been doing it with Hoff as part of a campaign with the company. I lost 5lbs in a week on their Simple Plan. The simple plan is a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and it sees 3 meal replacements a day with one of their snack bars thrown in too. It was hard, I was hungry and some of the meals were less than palatable but over all, the shakes, bars and meals were really nice. Below is a list of what we tried and the honest review of what we thought. 

Day 7 - the results so far are in...

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The Products - What we thought...


Porridge - Powdered, looks and tastes like nothing. Think baby porridge.

Cottage Pie - Looks like odd coloured porridge but actually tastes really nice timed up with your 200g allowed veg.

Carbonara - I wasn't a fan, however I'm not a fan of carbonara anyway. Hoff loved this one though.

Bolognese - This was my favourite, it looked like bolognese, it tasted like bolognese and it was needed after a starving day of nothing.

Chilli - Hoff loved the Chilli, it was very similar to the Bolognese I thought but it was one of the better options.


Cookie Dough Cream - tastes like melted cookie dough ice cream.

Mint Choc - Tastes like after eight mints.

Chocolate Orange - Tastes like the good old Terry's Chocolate Oranges.

Banana - Hoff's favourite out of them all.

Lemon Yoghurt - Fresh and creamy, perfect summer day flavour

Raspberry Yoghurt - As above, tastes creamy and beautiful.

Strawberry - Wasn't as nice as the others, felt plain and less creamy.

Snack Bars:

Chocolate Chew - Nice, like nougat almost. Tastes better from the fridge.

Chocolate Caramel - Smooth and crunchy all at the same time. 

Lemon Pie Bar - Best thing to put in my mouth in this whole thing.

Peanut Chew - Hoff liked this bar, I couldn't try it for allergy reasons.

Where to buy...

To check out the diet for yourself, go to their website...


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