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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD

Princess Twilight Sparkle must adjust to her new role as royalty and get used to her new wings at the same time as discovering a way for her and her Pony pals to defeat an evil vine that is threatening the very existence of Equestria. As if this isn t enough, Spike accidentally transports the friends into his superhero comic book and the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn an important lesson about friendship when they create a routine for the upcoming Equestria games. 

What we think...

My Little Pony is NOT just for girls! Rocky, aged 3, is obsessed with this beautiful and colourful cartoon. I used to love MLP as a kid and myself and my sister had MLP wallpaper in our room. I think we even have some of the toys still in my mums loft somewhere. So imagine my surprise when it appeared on my screen 25yrs later and for my kids to love it as much as I did. Albeit a new modern version with a much more upbeat theme tune, the original storylines and sentiment are there but with a new modern twist and added technology. Rocky's friend Megan introduced him to the crazy world of MLP and after initially thinking 'that's a bit girly' I realised that actually MLP is very much a gender neutral cartoon made with some amazing dark and funny undertones. I haven't been able to drag him away from this DVD, he said that it's now his favourite. We have been asked for some new MLP DVD's at every shopping trip since this arrived, I think it was a hit.


  • Release Date: 09 May 2016

  • Classification: U

  • Run Time: 147 minutes

  • Seven Episodes from season 4 - Princess Twilight Sparkle

  • Part 1 - Princess Twilight Sparkle

  • Part 2 - Castle Mane-ia; Daring Don't; Flight to the finish; Power Ponies Bats! 


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