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Kinetic Sand - The indoor Sandcastle Set

Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand you can’t put down! It sticks to itself and not to you! It flows through your fingers like magic, leaving them completely dry. Kinetic Sand stimulates children’s creative skills, allowing them to create anything they can imagine over and over again. The creative possibilities are endless! Kinetic Sand never dries out, and this soft sand is easy to clean up. 

What we think...

Beach holidays are our favourite, we live the feel of sand between our toes and building sand castles up high, just to knock them down. Winter means less chance to go out and play in the sand, not any more though, we can go to the beach in our own house and with NO mess! Hurrah.

Kinetic Sand is new for me, however it turns out the kids have played with it before at school and at camps during sensory play. They lit up when they saw it and they ripped open the box, leaving me standing with the camera looking useless, I should have just filmed it instead. I was a bit nervous to touch it, no idea why but it was new and odd... turns out it is like the fluffy white sand in Cambodia. Anyway, I was a bit dubious of it's magic, but it does what it says on the tin, it falls down through your fingers without it getting everywhere and I dropped a bit, so I bunched some more in my hand and it picked the stray bit up AND with no leftover grains of sand. Whatever wizardry this is, I like it.

The boys wanted to keep this out to play with but I was a little worried about the cats mistaking it as a cat litter tray and therefore I have bagged it up in a freezer bag for another day. If I had any critique about this product it would be that there is no storage solutions for when it's not in play. Other than that, it's a brilliant addition to the *'with supervision' toy cupboard.

*this product is made for ages 3+, however those with children prone to placing things in their mouths, should be supervised as this is not edible.


  • Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand you mould with your hands!
  • In box: tray, 4 tools and 454g Kinetic Sand
  • Made from 100% natural sand, never dries out, easily cleans up and it sticks to itself, not to you!
  • It’s 98% sand, 2% Polymers and 100% fun!
  • Wheat, Gluten and Casein free
  • from £19.99
  • Ages +3
  • Styles Vary
  • DO Not Consume

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