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Press and dry beautiful flowers in seconds using a microwave with the My Living World Instant Flower Press. Preserve flowers, leaves and other interesting plants you may find in your garden! Press them and add them to greetings cards, stationery and pictures, you are limited only to your imagination.

What we think...

Recently I went on a beautiful trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Whilst there we visited the oldest Bohdi Tree in the land. This one tree is known to Buddhists as the first ever tree Buddha planted when he came to this world. Bodhi tree's are said to be one of the most spiritual parts of the Buddhist religion, they are said to have all been planted in the footprints of Buddha, their temples are even built around them. The leaves of this tree are meant to be good luck symbols and many have them framed in their houses.

Before I left, a friend of mine had a baby boy and named him Bodhi. I loved the name but I had no idea about the spiritual meaning involved. So whist at the Buddhist temple surrounding the oldest tree in Thailand, I picked up 4 leaves off the floor and handed them to the Buddhist priest we were talking to, he closed his eyes and blessed the leaves. The 4 leaves represent my friend, her partner and her two children, Haydn and Bodhi. I placed them in the guide book and packed them safely away for when I got home. 

So here they are, pressed in this beautiful instant flower press from Interplay. It was so easy, to do, you open the little plastic press, add the felt pads and cotton sheet, the leaf, the second lot of cotton sheet and felt pads and close it. Place it in the microwave with 1/2 a cup of water and cook on full power for 20 seconds. The water prevents the flower burning. I had to do it twice as the leaf was still damp but as you can see above, they look amazing. Now all I have to do is send them to Baby Bohdi and let the good luck flow. 


  • 8+
  • just one of the My Living World Kits
  • Microwave needed

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Interplay - £9.99


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