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SML - The Product Review

The SML Diet plan is a meal replacement plan, I have been doing it with Hoff as part of a campaign with the company. I lost 5lbs in a week on their Simple Plan. The simple plan is a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and it sees 3 meal replacements a day with one of their snack bars thrown in too. It was hard, I was hungry and some of the meals were less than palatable but over all, the shakes, bars and meals were really nice. Below is a list of what we tried and the honest review of what we thought. 

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Deliveroo - Restaurants to your door

Last month Deliveroo, the takeaway food service, had their first birthday here in Reading. I knew they existed but wasn't 100% sure what they were but it turns out, with a little nudge from their PR company, trying them has changed our life.

OK that's a bit dramatic but with a child who has medical conditions we are often housebound for days, weeks or months on end. Kyd is a very big fan of food, he has the makings of a grade A foodie. He loves to cook, try new flavours and eat out at restaurants. The times in which he is housebound this love can often be the one thing he longs for and misses. 

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Sage Appliances - Tea Maker

As you can see this is a very sleek machine. It looks good, fitting into most modern kitchens and it is very simple to use too. With a simple display unit and easy to read buttons, you really can have the perfect tea at the touch of a button, whether it be green, black, weak, strong, herbal or Oolong, the choice is completely yours. You can custom build your tea too, changing the Brew temperature and Brew time to however you like it.

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