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Zoomer Hedgiez Tumbles - Review

How bloody cute is this little 'edgehog! We have named ours Debbie, after Debbie Harry, as it's such a little punk rocker. They do other styles and colours in this range so don't worry if Debbie's colouring isn't for your little one. Rocky, the boy wonder, loves pink and so he see's no gender divide within colours of toys. The packaging of the Zoomer range is always pretty gender neutral, even when the toy is bright pink, it doesn't look like it's aimed at a singe gender, making many very happy.

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Air Hogs - RC Batwing Review

OK, I'm going to be honest, |I found this really hard to use. I thought the kids were just being awkward when neither of them could get this thing off the ground. However, once |I gave it a go I struggled too, before giving it over in a huff to Hoff who then confirmed it wasn't working.... did we get it working or not?

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