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Hotter Shoes - The Travellers Guide

Trying to pack for a holiday in which you will be doing crazy activities and lots of walking can be daunting if, like me, you don't own any comfortable and 'sensible' shoes. 

This week I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to two countries in Asia with a select group of press for 9 days. During these 9 days we would be embarking on some once in a lifetime activities (well once in a lifetime for people like me) and the activities needed closed toed, comfortable, walking shoes... I only own Ballerina Pumps, flip-flops and Converse, this wasn't helpful.

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Sky Summer of Sport Studio - #TheO2 London

We've found something available this Summer that is FREE and cool and will make you look like an awesome mum in the eyes of any sport mad child. It isn't a day long thing but it will fill some of your day up, it's indoors so perfect for rainy days and the kids will love the keepsake pictures at the end to show their mates and thank you for it... So if you have a sports fan in the family, THIS is a winner.

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