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Vtech Treat Time Marshall is a real treat this Christmas...

Rocky started school this September and although I thought he was starting on a good foot with his learning, it turns out, he doesn't necessarily know all he should; or he does but he's not openly sharing the information at school. I have been looking at everything to help him with his sounds too as he was a late speaker and some of his words are still a bit slurred, we have bought flash cards etc but he isn't overly bothered at sitting and doing them with me as I am obviously his boring old mum. So when Vtech brought out this awesome little pup I was quite excited, he loves Paw Patrol, as you will probably know from past posts, and therefore Marshall will be the best bet for teaching him his sounds, letters and colours, he isn't old, boring or his mum.

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Paw Patrol - Air Patroller Review

Well, Paw Patrol is a household favourite here, so anything with these little pups on will go down well. This beauty is strong and robust and perfect for my little tornado of terror. The sounds aren't as annoying as many of the other noises toys and the lights aren't as in your face and bright. It is easy to play with and perfect for little fingers. It comes 'ready to play' with batteries already inserted so any Christmas/Birthday morning will be less frantic.

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