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Sage Appliances - Tea Maker

As you can see this is a very sleek machine. It looks good, fitting into most modern kitchens and it is very simple to use too. With a simple display unit and easy to read buttons, you really can have the perfect tea at the touch of a button, whether it be green, black, weak, strong, herbal or Oolong, the choice is completely yours. You can custom build your tea too, changing the Brew temperature and Brew time to however you like it.

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Hillary's Blinds - My Summer Bedroom MONOod Board

This summer we have been having a huge rejig of our house. I have been bored with the colour schemes throughout the house for quite a while now and after 4 years of our non decorated master bedroom, I have decided enough is enough, it is time to give us a haven to relax in... you know, to look at whilst we catch up on twitter on our phones, in the brief bit of peace we get before we shut our eyes, because with 2 kids and a petting zoo to run (slight exaggeration) we don't have time to be in it for longer than that, like all other parents in the country.

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