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BrewBarrel - Father's Day Just Got Tasty

Brewbarrel Review 

Create your customised beer from over 100,000 different varieties! You will get all necessary ingredients perfectly weighed to your order. All ingredients and all necessary equipment is in the Brewbarrel home brewing kit included.

What's In The Box?...

  • 5L keg
  • Instructions
  • Pressure control valve
  • 3 drip mats
  • 650g-750g malt extract
  • 9ml of hop extract
  • 4kg yeast
  • Plus any additional flavours

What We Think...

Father's Day is coming round thick and fast (June 19th 2016) and for us, gift buying gets tougher every year. We always buy beer related items for both my Dad and Hoff, a beer stein and some bottles, that type of thing, but we're running out of options to make it unique now. Luckily I had an exciting email about Beer pop into my inbox and suddenly I had a face palm moment, why had I not thought of buying a brew kit before? How awesome is that idea? Derrrrrrr.

OK so he got it a month early, but if he plays his cards right, he will get another one in a different flavour for the day... shhh don't tell him.

So over to Hoff, here is what he thinks... 

As I consider myself to be something of a beer connoisseur I hopped at the opportunity to try my hand at brewing some of my very own. The largest headache (apart from the hangover) was what variety of beer that I had to make. It was a tough decision but I went for the mango flavoured beer. (mmm very fruity I hear you say!) After much anticipation of the arrival of the kit I got to work on it as soon as it had arrived. I’ve got to be honest I enjoyed the process of brewing it. It was really very easy when following the instructions as they were very clear to understand. I could barley stand the wait for the for the brew to ferment counting down to Friday when the fruity beer would come into fruition ready for me to sample a glass or five. It all tasted pretty good too as well as satisfying that it was made by my own hands. I would recommend to anyone interested in brewing their own….. it really is a barrel of laughs!! All hail to the Ale!
— The Hoff


  • 100,000 different varieties 
  • Pilsner
  • IPA
  • Lager
  • Dark Beer
  • Wheat Beer
  • Different Flavours

Where To Buy...

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