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My 1st JCB - Big Wheeler Joey

Recently we were sent a 'My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Joey' for Rocky to review. Joey is a super sized 'Kid Tough' character who made Rocky smile on arrival despite his horrible cough. 

This is quite a simple toy but that doesn't stop it being as good as some of the more hi-tech ones on offer. When you pull his exhaust it lifts the scoop and you can lift the back digger bucket too much to Rocky's excitement. His chunky wheels are perfect for any indoor or outdoor play and he is a great addition to any toy box and sand pit.

What Rocky Thought...

Rocky couldn't wait to open the box even though he was quite poorly and that was really easy to do for a change. The packaging was bright, simple and tied together with tight elastic bands meaning no time wasted with hunting for scissors or a knife. Perfect for an impatient toddler. Hurrah.

He instantly explored the moving parts and got to grips with what it does. As it isn't a very complicated toy, he did this very quickly and was soon driving it up the walls making car noises.

He did get bored with it quite quickly as his toddler attention span isn't great at the best of times but he has played with it several times since. He has used it mostly outside on the patio and in the sand pit, as it picks up sand really well (no pic of this yet as he's never got any clothes on at the moment... it's a toddler thing apparently).

It is incredibly durable. He has dropped it, thrown it and done general toddler manic play with it and it is still in one piece. It hasn't cracked or broken although it has obviously scratched slightly.

All in all it is a great product. Simple, durable and a typical ageless toy. Well worth placing on Santa's shopping list this year.


  • Super sized push along vehicle
  • Real moving scoop and rear digger bucket
  • Big wheels for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 25cm in length
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and over

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