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Rug Doctor - The Do's and Don'ts

Rocky is a toddler now, a mucky, grubby, happiest when filthy toddler.

Kyd is a pre-teen with massive, smelly feet, which like to kick balls in the garden and trample mud in the house....

This year we got a puppy too. As amazing as that was, it brought with it it's own issues... dirty issues, potty training, huge pawed issues.

Are you getting the pattern here?

Our carpet's and rug's are now ruined and it is going to cost us the earth to fix it...

Well I thought it was.

The lovely folks at Rug Dr sent us a machine to use and review, so that we didn't have to look at the filthiness that is our floors.

The results were astounding. Especially on the Duck Egg Rug... Well they were until we ruined it again.

You see as well as they cleaned up, they took FOREVER to dry. Even in the heatwaves we had this month we found it difficult to get them dry.

So, the sensible thing to do was put them outside, No?... apparently not. Because of the dog we had to drape it across the patio furniture and because of the heatwave the sun was also full pelt.

The patio furniture stretched it.

The sun shrunk and bleached it.

It ended up lumpy, out of shape and ruined... although it was finally dry, which was something.

So the Do's and Don'ts of using a Rug Doctor...


DO read the instructions before use.

DO use the branded detergent.

DO use the stated amount of detergent per usage.

DO use the machine slowly and steadily using small steps.

DO go over the rug with an empty tank, it sucks up excess water.

DO take a before and after photo, you'll feel sick but it is amazing to see.


DON'T use the machine without reading the cleaning instructions of the desired material.

DON'T use on wool unless stated it's safe.

DON'T go over the same material several times, it drenches it and takes forever to dry.

DON'T dry it in direct sunlight, it can bleach it.

DON'T dry it on an uneven surface, it stretches the material.

What we thought...

All in all, the Rug Doctor is a brilliant machine. It was easy to use, simple to set up and did the job it said it would. Setting our stupidity aside, I think that even a toddler could set this up. We literally just took it out of the box and clicked a few pieces into place. The satisfaction of seeing the finished result was brilliant but seeing the dirt in the tub was disgusting. We knew it was bad but eugggh! I would recommend the Rug Doctor to friends and family but I'd read them the Do's and Don'ts above first. Easy mistake to make right?!

I found the Rug Doctor website had some great information about carpet cleaning and I picked up a few great tips on how to keep the carpets clean too. Check out their website on

Where to buy...




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24hr Rental: £22.99+

48hr Rental: £28.99+

Carpet Detergent: £9.99+