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Mum vs Stinky Teen School Tops - With Sainsbury's TU

I know it is only the second week of the holidays but if you're extremely organised like most of the mum's on my facebook timeline, then you're already looking into clothing your little angels ready for the start of the new School Year.

We have just made a trip to Sainsbury's and stocked up on their TU Back To School range. We've been buying Kyd's uniform from Sainsbury's for a few years now. I found that they last longer than most other cheap school uniform brands and are a great investment. 

Battling the pits of a stinky teen is not the most flattering or glamorous of our motherly job roles but it's something we all have to do eventually. Annoyingly most washing powder doesn't get rid of the deodorant stains or stench of your teens pits of death, so how do you get rid of it without buying new ones?


So how do you get sweat stains out of white school shirts and keep them white?

I asked a few mum friends with teens for some tips they'd been handed down from their Mum's and grandmother's and here are the top 2 tried and tested methods that came out tops.

So on my back to school shopping list, next to the school uniform, pens, pencils and protractors, is definitely a bottle of distilled white vinegar and an entire bag of lemons... I think this might be a regular addition to the weekly shopping list too!

Now to get started on the labelling of each item of clothing!... *yawn* my worst part of the new School Year. Check out this article on tips on labelling from the Sainbury's blog.


This post was compensated with a voucher towards the Sainsbury's Back To School Range but all advice, tips and wording are my own or sourced from readers. For T&Cs please see below.

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