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Little Prince - 3M Peltor Kid Ear Protectors

Wow where has the year gone? Autumn is creeping in and the firework season will be here again pretty soon, which is very exciting. My kids LOVE fireworks, actually they just love noise, listening to it and making it it seems. Little ears are sensitive to noise though and being exposed to loud noise can lead to hearing damage or even loss. Kyd had hearing aids for most of his life and let me tell you, they are not fun. It is really important to protect little ears so when 3M sent me these awesome new Ear Protectors for kids I was very grateful, one less thing to worry about when we are out having fun this winter. Even better news when I found out they were donating money from each sale to charity.

You see these two leading hearing organisations are continuing their quest to protect the nation’s hearing as the PELTOR Kid Ear Defenders range by 3M introduces two trendy new designs, the Little Prince and Little Princess, with £1 from every sale donated to  charity, Action on Hearing Loss (the new name for Royal National Institute for the Deaf).

The money raised from the unique Little Prince and Little Princess editions of the PELTOR Kid Ear Defenders by 3M will go towards Action on Hearing Loss’ pioneering biomedical research, which aims to find a cure in our lifetime, as well as its work in communities across the UK providing practical support and advice for the millions of people affected by hearing loss.

What We Thought...

We take Kyd & Rocky out to a lot of big events, with huge speakers and generally loud noises. Festivals, Football games, Gigs and Firework Displays are just part of our lives and their hearing and tiny ears have always been a worry to us. We did own some Ear Defenders for Rocky once, which we purchased from the Reading Festival in 2012 but they were of poor quality and he ripped them apart. Kyd on the other hand had the benefit of just taking his hearing aids out when he was younger. He could still hear but it was like placing the defenders on without having to actually do it. He wouldn't have kept them on anyway and it's doubly hard to make Rocky do anything he doesn't want to do too... two peas in a pod.

However, when Rocky opened the box to his new Ear Protectors he instantly put them on. They stayed there until lunchtime which I thought was a bit of a miracle. Kyd placed the TV on a loud setting to see what would happen and he didn't even flinch. Kyd has a thing about science, so this was a great experiment for him. He started clapping behind him at different levels, like they used to do to him in his hearing aid tests. He was having great fun especially when he got the bells out and Rocky was giggling away taking them on and off realising what these fun ear muffs were actually for and enjoying playing with his big bro. He finally rang the doorbell to see if he heard it but when he did hear it he went running, there ended the test as he thought it was Daddy and began to tantrum when he realised it wasn't.

These brightly coloured defenders are comfortable and as Kyd has discovered with his testing are very effective. They are easy to adjust but not so easy that little fingers can move them whilst on their head. The bright blue colour and Little Prince design is a great way to appeal to both the little princes and the mum's who want to keep their little prince's safe (also available for Princesses). Easily taken apart and cleaned for hygiene purposes, make these little beauties perfect for grubby little monkeys especially when they're playing in a dirty festival field or around a smoky bonfire.

We are looking forward to the local Firework Display in November so we can test them out properly, I'll update you on how we get on after.


  • £1 will be donated to the charity, Action on Hearing Loss, from the sale of this product (registered charity no. 207720)
  • Brightly coloured
  • Unique low profile headband design helps maintain constant pressure, comfort and confidence in protection
  • Soft wide cushions helps reduce pressure around the ears and improves comfort and wearability
  • Easy to replace cushions and inserts helps keep them hygienically clean

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