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As much as I love to just wander the streets when I travel, knowing what you're going to come up against, find and 'must see' can help with planning your perfect trip and trouble. Marco Polo Guides may be a relatively new company but with an experienced team with many years of expertise in successfully producing and selling cartographic products and travel guides behind them, they are the ones to help you plan your trip of a lifetime. With an extensive range of destinations within the Marco Polo Guides range, you will no doubt find your destination on their list.


The guides give you Insider Tips, traditional maps, laminated city & holiday maps, road atlases and the world famous Baedeker Guides. Giving you everything you need to plan your trip and keep you informed whilst you're sunning yourself on a beach somewhere beautiful or roaming the streets of a new city.

What we think...

Kyd loves a good map. We got into the habit of reading guides when Auntie Vaughn read to us every day in the car on the way to the attractions in Orlando. She is a huge fan of Marco Polo Guides and all their handy and sometimes comical tips. She told us all about the area we were going to be visiting that day and we were all fascinated. We learnt so much more than we would have done just popping into the attractions and that made our trip more of a cultural holiday than just a crazy rollercoaster endeavour.

Since then we have been all information overload before we go anywhere and these guides might just be the ultimate Life As Alice travel accessory.

Our little family do a lot of travelling and for us, and our extra needs, these books can be the making of our holidays. The information in them can determine whether the day out we were planning is suitable for toddlers or more importantly, special needs children. Many countries are a little behind us here in the UK in disability equalities and we have to accept that but if WE know our needs, this bit of key info and help with cultural understanding, can mean we can travel the world with the confidence of kings (and a queen, obviously I'm more of a queen than a king).

My personal favourite bits of the guides are the insider tips and the Do's and Don'ts section. I am more the 'oooo I didn't know that?!?!' and a 'that's soooo random, I love it' type of travel book reader. The stranger the fact, the more excited I get. Small things, small minds and all that. I particularly like that they tell you the Do's and Don'ts of the cultural aspects of the countries. I often worry I'll get somewhere and end up in prison for doing something random which happens to be illegal there, you know like posing for a picture with a statue of Buddha in Sri Lanka will get you in trouble, it is disrespectful. I didn't know that and to be fair I love a good Buddha statue and probably would have done that, so thank you Marco Polo, I won't be getting arrested in December when I go.

All in all, I love these guides. The fact this is handbag sized makes it all the easier to travel with for me but the quick to read nature of the facts and tips makes it also easier to digest too. I find the conversational language in which it is written a much better on the go read, than those old school travel guides with pages of blurb about one particular attraction, you know those in which you need to stop and read. I'm happier with nuggets of info to digest than an entire essay.... she says writing a long ass review of a travel guide.


I will be doing some further video reviews on my YouTube channel of the books in the coming months, especially their new Marco Polo Spiral Guides as I have been sent their awesome London guide so we can explore our capital city and find the hidden gems we've walked passed all these years. So stay tuned for our London Adventures!

<---- Not actual size obviously, unless they make them for Hobbits too.

Random Fact - Who is Marco Polo?

No not the Netflix version... Marco Polo was born around 1254 into a wealthy Venetian merchant family. At the age of 17 he embarked on an epic journey to Asia and was one of the first westerners to visit China. Following his return after 24 years of adventures Marco Polo recorded his extensive travels. The book did much to introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China. Marco Polo’s pioneering journey inspired Columbus and many others. 


  • Insider Tips
  • Traditional maps
  • Laminated city & holiday maps
  • Road atlases
  • World famous Baedeker Guides

Where to Buy...

See for all varieties of their fabulous Holiday Guides


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