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The Dyson DC59 - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

I visited the Dyson HQ this week in South Kensington. We went to see a demonstration of their new technology and their new handheld model the DC59 Digital Slim.

We bought our first Dyson Upright this year. I had wanted a Dyson for years but I couldn't afford to get one as a single mum and so we had a Hetty instead. Hetty was fine for a while but the suction wasn't brilliant and as it had a bag it has been harder work than it should have been but we loved her all the same...

But I'm fickle...

I had always set my sights on a Dyson.

My aunt worked at Comet all of my childhood and so she had many Dyson's. She had the big old grey and
yellow one, which was the first ever Dyson and we thought it was the don. She then went on to have many more over the years and the Dyson envy grew as I did.

I always said that if I ever came in to money the first thing I'd buy was a Dyson....

So, when asked by Noel Edmunds and the team at Deal or No Deal when I appeared on the show this year 'What would you buy with the money?'... after explaining about the charity donation I had pledged to do... I explained it was a Dyson that I was going to buy first... much to their amusement.

The thing is, I wasn't lying....

The moment that my winnings went in I was straight on their website picking my new beast out.

Isn't it funny how a Dyson makes you feel like a grown up. I wrote this on my facebook:

'You know you're getting old when you get stupidly excited about the fact you now own a Dyson...'

It got so many likes and so many people commenting about them saying the same thing and how much they loved theirs. So I know I am not on my own with my Dyson madness at least.

We have loved him ever since... his name is Derek.

Anyway... back to the new member of our family Baby Derek...

Baby Derek is a Dyson DC59 Digital Slim, he is part of the Animal family. He is cordless and has an easy access docking station that can be attached to the wall making it a space saver as well as a housework angel.

When they showed me what the DC59 did, I was in awe of the power that little monster had. It has 10x more suction than many other handheld cordless models on the market. they showed us the difference by spilling some baby powder and chalking the carpet as we watched the DC59 make light of the work, the others struggled to suck up the mess with even several attempts at the same spot. We were all very impressed.

When I got Baby Derek home, Kyd, who was off school ill, came to greet me at the door. On seeing the huge box that I'd just negotiated through London, he beamed with joy.

'Is that for me?' he said

'Well sort of' I said as he ripped open the packaging.

We have been doing a lot of work on Independence recently. As he grows I want him to be able to be as independent as possible and learn all the skills he needs for the outside world. One of the things we have started to focus on recently is 'earning your money'. I am a big believer in teaching kids the value of money from an early age, knowing that it doesn't grow on trees and that everything costs, it is a huge step forward to understanding budgets and so on.

This new addition was Kyd's new little earner. This is how he was going to get his pocket money up from what it is at the moment and you could see the pound signs light up in his eyes as he realised what it was.

The best part was it had a little bit of
charge already and so he could see how it worked straight away, which for him is a bonus, he doesn't do waiting. He instantly started running it up and down the hall way. Rocky was loving it too, laughing and chasing him around as he worked.

Off he went upstairs to do his room... Hurrah... well until it ran out of power and he came down and asked me how much he'd earned... cheeky lil...


I asked our Kyd for his review of the Dyson DC59 and he said:

'It's awesome, look at the fluff in there it's like a bin' 

He also added 

'The trigger is like a gun... a fluff sucking gun'

When I finally got a go, I must admit, it is very light so it made life very easy when it came to the up high bits that I admit haven't been done for ages. It is perfect size for the little things like the stairs and underneath the high chair after breakfast. The fact that both Kyd and Rocky can easily pick it up and use it shows how light it is too.
The trigger means it is easy to start and stop so saves the battery and, as with any other Dyson, the attachments are easy to remove and attach.

The charger is an easy wall mounted (although it doesn't have to be) holder and charger, meaning that you can put it away and charge it at the same time, so it is ready to go when you need it. Saves finding the charger doesn't it. The attachments fit nicely to the docking station too meaning they are all tidy and easy to find.

The attachments are all the same as the ones on your average Dyson. The main attachment is long enough for giants like myself of 6ft and over to use without hunching over, yet fine for short stuffs like Kyd to do the floor too.

Moving from Hard floors and Carpet is simple, there are no buttons to press it just goes from one to the other as if it's the same floor.

The MAX button, is like pressing a launch control button in a sports car. It is amazing but only needed in really tough issues like flour and chalk etc.

The life of the battery is also quite good at 20mins of life at full charge. I always assume with these things that they run out after doing one room but I managed to do the 3 rooms and the hallway before it ran out. Not once did it lose suction or did I have to go over something twice.

The cylinder or 'the bin' as Kyd called it, is quite small as you can imagine but actually holds quite a lot. I did have to empty it twice during the 3 rooms but that is because our rugs malt and so it was full of fluff. It is easy to empty too, just a click of the button and the bottom opens. No taking the cylinder to the bin, the whole thing just needs to be hovered over the bin bag and then you're off again. Easy...



Bravo Dyson I can't wait to see what you come up with next...
On a final note....
We have an issue with our car... it looks like the inside of a trodden on crisp packet. I can not wait for Hoff to take this bad boy out there and clean the inside of the car properly and easily. Kyd will do it when the weather is better, earn some more of that money... I CAN'T WAIT.... I am so rock 'n' roll.

You can find out more about Dyson on their Website, Facebook and Twitter pages 

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