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Wild Science Secret Spy Workshop

Do you know anyone who has ever wanted to be a real life spy? Well the Wild Science Secret Spy Workshop teaches you how to become a spymaster and crack secret codes. Follow the simple colour illustrated activity guide and learn how to create secret messages, spy on friends and keep your pocket money safe and much more!

Box Contains

Big and small mirrors, Scenery insert, Die-cut sheets, Double sided sticky tape, Plastic beads, Bendy mirror, Tracing paper, Plastic box, EVA foam, Grids card, Colour Instruction Manual

What we thought...

Life with a not so little wannabe magician can be hard. He constantly appears with a pack of cards or a few cups and a some dice wanting you to help him magic them away.... ummmmm I am no magician and I definitely don't know how they do their tricks, so what am I supposed to do?! He is always mad at me. So when this Wild Science Secret Spy pack came through the door, Kyd was thrilled. A different style of magic and a with his favourite subject Science thrown in.

The pack contains everything you need to become a real spy. Lots of activities they can make and use again and again to wow their friends on play dates. 

You can see around corners with the Super Snooper Scope, which is really simple to make. You just fold the two cardboard cut outs into tubes, stick the little mirrors to them and place them together. It is great fun especially as the instructions show you how to see what a snail and chameleon sees, which according to Kyd is weird!

The Black Hole Money Box was really simple to make and has kept him busy for ages, which at this time of year is great. You can change the 3D scenery to an aquarium or even draw your own, so it is completely personalised. He currently has half of my purse contents in the box and yet I can't see it so he is pretending it's not there... nice try kid.

The Anamorphic Spy Code was a bit more complicated and so we have left that for another day. It seems that this particular activity involves coordinates and I can see that causing an issue with Kyd... who am I kidding, lets face it I'm no numbers or coordinates girl and I was worried he'd struggle and look to me for help... I'll leave this one to Hoff.

All in all we really enjoyed the kit. I can see it being perfect for a stocking filler or a rainy day activity for Science/Magic fans over the age of 6. It may need a bit of adult supervision but it would be a great activity for parent and child too.


  • For Ages 6+
  • Includes everything you need to create secret messages, spy on your friends and much more!
  • Keep pocket money safe
  • Science made fun!
  • Just one of a range available from Interplay.

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